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Are alcohol and narcotics bad for Crohn's Disease

Alot of people tell me that alcohol is bad for crohn's. along with narcotic pain meds. is this true? cause i've had no pain with either of these.

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A lot of people find that alcohol makes their symptoms worse. I guess it's a personal thing same as any food/drink. I also guess that if it doesn't make you feel worse then it isn't making your Crohn's worse (though I could be wrong about that).

As for narcotics, they help me in my time of need but I use them VERY rarely. I think the danger is if you are using them regularly as they can a) be addictive b) mask pain so your Crohn's get worse without you knowing and c) some can cause constipation which could aggravate things inside.
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It is going to be different with each person.

I was able to drink my face off for years and it never bothered me. Then one day, it did! lol Just like that.

As for the narcotics, I am assuming you are taking them for some other reason than CD... but I think lots of people DO take them for CD/IBD. The one that CAN cause problems is Ibuprofen - can irritate the bowel and cause possible bleeding problems if you are on 5ASA meds.....

The only other one to watch (and some people actually use it FOR diarrhea) - is codiene can be constipating... so if you are one of those sufferers who was constipation rather than diarrhea, I would be careful with that one.
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