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pentasa and hair loss anyone?

Hi i'm on pentasa 2 tablets 3 times a day. Although its not workng and i have a hospital appointment tomorrow. The problem is my hair is falling out, i read in the information that this is a possible side effect of pentasa. anyone else had this? or cold it just be the disease and the flare-up putting strain on my body?? If you have had it any suggestions on what to do to limit it?desperatley need a new look although I really do not suit short hair
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Sorry to hear about your hair. I take a similar amount and I think my hairloss has increased but a man just chalked it up as a cruel effect of ageing. Now might be the time to have some fun with hats I went through a hat phase but I not a hat person
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I have hair loss, but it started before I was put on pentasa and actually slowed after I started taking it. Now I am off of pentasa and have increased hair loss again. I don't lose huge clumps or anything just three times as much in the drain when I shower. I think it is just part of the disease. When I tell my dr. he really doesn't have anything to say about it.
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Hiya Donna

I've been on Pentasa for 5 years, and also have hair loss, but I don't believe it's the meds, I believe it's a Crohnie thang!
there are loads of threads on this subject, here's one

this is an old one about Aza.
My hair falls out, but it quickly grows back, it's just one of those things, part of the immune system process


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I gotta agree with Astra. Most Crohnnies seem to have thin hair and hair that falls out a lot. I remember the first time I noticed when someone took a photo while I was leaning over looking at a map and you could see my scalp reflected in the flash of the photo. I was depressed for ages.

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I have been on Pentasa for 7 years, and I have a spot in front and general thinning all around. I think it's a Crohnie thing. Right now I'm trying Bosley system for women from my hair stylist. I have been doing it for 2 1/2 months and I see new hair in front, but the spots still there. They say it takes 3-6 months to see for sure. I figured it was worth a try. But, I can say for sure my eyebrows and lashes are thicker?!? which is a good thing.

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