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First signs of cold

So my husband mentioned his throat started to feel sore last night and slept downstairs on the couch. Took some vitamin C and Sudafed to try and ward off the germies from getting any worse.

Well, now I'm feeling a bit funny in my throat. How do you guys normally treat first signs of a cold?

I'm hoping this is just allergies and will go away within a couple days, but I took some Sudafed and Mucinex (pseudoephedrine and guaifenesin) just in case as well as used the Neti pot. I'll probably take some extra vitamin C later tonight.

Besides getting extra sleep and drinking plenty of fluids, is there anything else you do/take to fend of the worst of an impending cold?

This is my first signs of a (possible) cold since starting on immune suppressants in the spring. I'm really not wanting to get a bad cold if I can help it, of course! I blame the woman sitting behind us in church that kept hacking and sniffling.
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I have checked over and over and over again, and echinecia is OK to take with the immune modulators and immunosuppressants... but some of the others are not (ie ginsing).

BUT what I have found is that, unless I take it like within the first 12 hours of showing signs of, say, a sore throat, I find it doesn't often work. If you CAN take it soon enough, only take it for a few days (to get over the worst of the symptoms) and then stop again... don't take it all the time, as long term use (or even just through the cold and flu season) will affect how our meds work.

The crappy thing about colds is that they are viruses, therefore antibiotics (which work on baceria) do not work on them. We can only fight them with our body's resourses alone.

That being said, if you feel like it is going to be a really BAD virus (ie right off the bat you feel achy, nauseous, headache, fever) there ARE antivirals available... but there are only a few, and we don't want to do to them what we have done to antibiotics (ie use them so often and improperly so they have now become way less effective).

So, other than fluids and lots of rest, the only other thing we can do is try and "fight the symptoms"... and even that should only be done when they become too awful to bear (ie disrupting way too much sleep).
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I've been on immunosupressives for the last 9 years and I remember right at the start they told me to go to A&E at the slightest hint of a cold.. so my mum rushed me in but all they did was take a blood test... they didn't seem that worried.

Now, I just carry on like normal. If I get a cold, I get a cold.

I wouldn't worry too much

But.. having said that. My dad swears by taking 3 tablets of vitamin C at the first signs of a cold. I'll take vitamin C daily and paracetamol (or tylenol in the States) will help with cold symptoms.

I hope it doesn't turn into more!!
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Well sounds like I've done all i can then

My allergist said if I feel any post-nasal drip i can take the Mucinex to help with it and so that actually has seemed to help. I forgot my throat felt funny several hours ago actually!

So, I'll just be sure to double up on my vitamin C. I actually had echinacea, Silver, but recently threw it out (I think) because it was expired for several years (oops, haha).

One thing I know that has helped me in the past for sore throats is gargling with apple cider vinegar in warm water. I did that back in high school when i got laryngitis and lost my voice 3 days before a voice audition for college. My voice teacher told me to gargle with ACV and go on vocal rest and sure enough my voice was back for my audition and was probably the best I'd ever sang those songs! Too bad they didn't accept me into their school! Hahaha...
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I hope it's not a cold - it could be that it's just bad allergies. I thought I was coming down with a cold a few weeks ago - sore throat, coughing, sneezing, etc. But it never materialized into a proper cold, and then I started hearing everyone else around me talk about how terrible their allergies are lately. One friend of mine who has particularly terrible allergies said that this is hands down the worst year he's ever had allergy-wise. So for whatever that's worth, maybe it's not a cold! Good luck, if it is a cold then I hope you get well soon!
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Thanks, Cat!
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Yep u basicly have done what I do
plenty fluids, keep warm, lotsa sleep and keep diet bland so as not to upset stomach to much

Hope it's not a cold and it passes quick
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