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Working with Crohns?

Hey everyone, just wondering if those of you who suffer with crohns badly are able to work, my brother has had crohns for 20 years, & has lived as a ghost as he puts it for 13 years he s 27, and not worked since he was 17. He is currently very poorly in a flare up back on inflixmab & struggling to keep his head above the water financially. Any advice on benefits or jobs would be grateful. He would love to do something but where can you work with constant diahorrea, its like a vicious circle.

He is still yet to try LDN, hoping he will do that soon

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Hi lolly i am in the same position right now as your brother, i am in and out of work, i am still not diagnosed but am getting the symtpoms everyday that affected my job as a beauty therapist, i had to keep leaving my clients to run to the toilet and my boss wasnt very understanding, diareah causes electrolyte imbalance and i kept fainting, when on the tube to work i had to keep getting off to use the toliet which made me late for work and also tiredness and pain just made it impossible to really stay in the job, total nightmare, its not getting a job is the problem its staying in work when there is a vicious cycle, could your brother not work from home or set up something where he could.
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Hi Lolly, I'm also undiagnosed but it sounds like both Porter and your brother have a worse severity of illness than I do. I work full-time at a desk job, so it's not a big problem to run to the bathroom when I need to. And I get to sit rather than stand all day which is a big plus - I don't think I would be able to do a physical job or one where I would have to stand all day long. I agree with Porter, could your brother find something where he could work at home?
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I still work full-time, but as with Cat, I have a desk job so it is a little easier to be running to the washroom, plus I have a very understanding boss and I am now working from home a couple of days a week which really helps. I don't know what kind of opportunities there are in your area, but perhaps he could look into doing something from home.

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