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I was curious if anybody has experiences with eating bugs? They're high in protein, low in crap, and would be a great snack. I know which ones are higher in protein than others based on research and experience but was looking for as much input as possible. I need a high protein diet leading up to my surgery and thought - seeing as I have eaten bugs before and don't see them as taboo in any way - that this would be a good idea to look at. Thanks everyone!
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I've had crickets, grasshoppers and meal worms, all roasted. For the most part they all had a non-descript nutty taste.

The main thing is buying prepared and cooked, because they can contain parasite. Well mainly crickets and grasshopper. The main issue is really the cost of them. There aren't a whole lot of places to get them. You could get them at a pet supply store, but then there is the risk of parasites. Right now the only safe supplies for human consumption are novelties from the specialty candy store. I'd say beef jerky is the better option, the only issue there is the sodium.
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I could never eat that stuff. Good Luck.

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