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Cara Fusinato
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My Vent Of The Day

You know what I hate? The fact the name is Crohn's DISEASE. Diseases are contagious, diseases are fatal, diseases are something that makes people take a step back and the look at you with pity. I wish that it was Crohn's Syndrome. Syndromes are chronic illnesses that are not contagious, might not be fatal, but accurately indicates a daily battle.

Oh, and of course, I hate the fact that MILK is not pasteurized to be safe! Last night, I grabbed my husband's glass of milk, took one sip and swished it around my mouth like a fine wine, and swallowed it. You know, maybe it wasn't cold enough, or maybe the milk was on the edge of it's shelf-life, but it didn't taste good. Strike one for me!

One more rant, I hate potato bugs. Those look like bulldog fetuses or very small alients. Hate those things!
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but... I appreciate the distinction between IBS and IBD-- and being able to explain what it means to have IBD. But other wise I agree with you about the "disease" part.

Keep it up with the milk... I hope your sacrifice makes you feel better! Keep on truckin!
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I usually say I have Crohn's and skip the disease part. You're right. The word "Disease" scares people, and they are afraid they're gonna catch something from you.

As for milk try getting UHT milk or boil the milk before drinking it. And if you can't tolerate milk like me, make from it some homemade yoghurt. I seem to be able to handle yoghurt. Also in my country we have something called "Labneh" which is basically strained yoghurt. It is more solid than yoghurt, tastes great especially with olive oil.

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