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My Diet and Strict lifestyle

Hey guys, I've been on my own diet for a long time now and its definetely helped my crohns. If anyone is curious about whats been making me feel great even during a flare (sort of cancel each other out lol) read on...

Its working for me and I have Crohn's Illeitis and with this lifestyle I'm feeling great and better than ever before with the disease. I've seen a great improvement in quality of life.

EVERYDAY (except for saturday nights), i sleep minimum of 9 hours. if i have to wake up at 6 the next day, i go to sleep at 8:30ish. its so annoying to do because it feels like im wasting time but after a long time doing this i feel 129871times better, even when my fistula is active.

EVERYDAY, when i wake up, i chug down 1 liter of water, have a multivitamin+fruit smoothie shake, and then drink another full liter of water. I put the water next to my bed the night before to force myself to drink it.

I do not eat/drink : All dairy except for yogurt, any wheat, products containing corn meal, hydrogenated oil, nuts, spicy foods, and tomatoes. Byebye pizza

If I'm eating a meal, i drink a bottle of water everytime before it. My stool is starting to be normal now.

If there's stress because of a load of homework or tests, I just try not to think about it/ignore the burden and just do it, because when I get nervous I feel like im triggering my Crohns and it sucks.

I think thats all I do.. and its helped me substantially especially during flares. I think the most important thing is to keep this going everyday even when you're in remission because it makes your body stronger.

I've been doing this for about 6 months now too. I just got used to drinking so much water everyday. I've been drinking some mangosteen juice too recently just to be on the safe side. This along with medication should definetely help you out.... Let me know if you guys do stuff like this and if its been helping you out
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Lots of sleep and lots of water both make my days better. Less than ~9 hours and I know I'm going to have a rough day. I think water and sleep just help your body "deal" better. No dairy for me and that has made me feel better... my GI also said to try no wheat, no caffine (stimulates the bowels), no acid food (tomatos, OJ...). She said general stuff that helps with IBS helps with Crohns too-- just stuff that reduces the irritation of your system, you know?
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I totally agree with you. This is basically what I do also, but unfortunatley I'm always stressed out, so I'm not getting the kind of sleep I want.... In addition I avoid gassy vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. They give me so much painful cramping and gas....

Can you handle raw vegetables or do you cook them till soft as I do?

Instead of wheat what do you do for bread? I tried once to make homemade rice bread, but it wasn't that good
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If it works for you and you are able to follow it, then I say keep it up! I have not heard of that much water intake (especially before meals) but if it is working why not keep it up? I know I was severly constipated and I am curious as to how the large water intake would have affected that. I also tried to get 9 hours sleep, and felt that any less could really affect my day.

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