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Thanksgiving, UGH!

So it's that time of year again when I have wars with myself about all of the food that is going to be so good when I eat it but make me so sick afterwards. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Ironic that a person with Crohn's who has historically been sick as a dog every Thanksgiving night would love the day so much.

This year I know a little bit more about what to stay away from. Definately no gravy on my turkey, no corn and DEFINATELY no cream pie. I have even volunteered to make a vegetable for the dinner so I know that it will be cooked the way I need it to be cooked. I am making string beans with fried shallots. I am going to cook the beans until they are practically mush. Better than that green bean caserole with that cream stuff. Death by beans!

I am just thankful that I am healthy enough to enjoy my Thanksgiving with my family and that I have been blessed with an amazing doctor who has finally helped me.

I hope everyone else here enjoys their Thanksgiving and doesn't stress over what to eat. ENJOY!
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haha, oh god i completely forgot about the huge meal coming soon
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Well, personally, I love it too. I think I'm just going to eat and deal with the consequences, lol.
The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have.
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Jeff D.
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Luckily I feel alright right now so I am going to stuff all that good stuff down my face until the crap starts coming out.LOL

Hope you don't feel bad tomorrow.
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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so this morning I was sad thinking about the things I won't eat and the things I will eat but that will give me the runs. But I still love it. And it also occurred to me how lucky we are to have a group of friends in this online community who can comiserate with our food woes! I feel way better about my issues with food on Thanksgiving knowing you guys are out there feeling the same way. So hang in there and enjoy what you can! *hugs*
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While holidays are often about the food, they are also about the people. Food is temporary (we all know what it gets turned into ) but relationships with others are long-lasting and are truly important. Remember that this is a time to be thankful, and if we can't be thankful for the people we have then what can we be thankful for?

There are many people who are much less fortunate then us who could not even imagine being able to rejoice in a meal like a thanksgiving dinner (let alone a basic 3 meals a day). While we may not be able to eat everything we may want to, we are still very fortunate for what we do have. Try and remember that this thanksgiving (and why not try and remember it for a while longer to... it can't hurt, can it? ).
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Cara Fusinato
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Jeez, this is MY first holiday season with known Crohn's. I mean, the eat a huge meal and dump thing has been around since my gall bladder was removed in 1999, but this is the first time I have known WHY. Well, my husband has pneumonia, so maybe I will just stay home with him and eat soup and forget all about the foods that could bug my poor system. Bah humbug (oh, wrong holiday, but THAT one brings food TOO). I think I liked summer better when food is light and spare! So, everyone, enjoy the company and the football -- I think I am going to just stay home, decorate the Christmas tree and watch Christmas Story (you know, Red Rider BB Gun story!).

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