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I am out of money and need another colonoscopy

I need help getting funding to get another colonoscopy. I have no insurance and I think it is spreading. They told me $5,000 for it. Any ideas?
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But no, in all seriousness, I really don't understand the US healthcare system, just thought i'd post to wish you all the best.

Employer, family able to help you out?


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Hey Genio - do you already have a GI/clinic? If so, have you asked about financial assistance? I've found that clinics don't advertise that they provide it - you've got to ask. I had to fill out tons of paperwork and apply for state aid (got rejected) before I qualified for aid at the clinic/hospital where I had my colonoscopy - that helped it be afforable.

Also... Is there a Catholic hospital near you? I'm not Catholic just for the record, but I was hospitalized out of state last Dec, and the charity aid from that Catholic hospital was just amazing. The folks in the financial aid department said it was their mission to help people who need help. Worth checking into in my opinion.
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I agree check into the department at the hospital like the patient advocate, and they can direct you in the right direction. There is money out there...Good luck and best wishes..S
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