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Humira and gas?

um. i started humira on thursday (went great) and had no side effects yet at all. good right?

well, yesterday and today i have had the worst gas since i can remember. not really pooping much but SO MUCH GAS! i never have gas. never. is this a side effect some people get? and if so how long does it last cuz i don't wanna leave my house. it's pretty damn loud and explosive.

might have to go buy some gas-x...
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I was on Humira for about 6 months and never experienced gas from it. I rarely have gas and when I do it is a bad sign cause I am heading for bigtime pain. Everyone is different to meds so who knows.

Gas is a major part of Crohn's tho. Maybe it was something you ate? Are you lactose intolerant? Gas x or Oval for gas, doesnt really work, you can try but, is it painful gas?

Some meats, or veggies and beans cause gas. Hope you get rid of it soon!
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i never have gas. i dont have pain either (im lucky i guess).
i didnt eat anything out of the ordinary. not too much dairy or anything.
ugh. i guess i'll just have to deal with it
i do see my GI again on tuesday. i'll just see what he has to say.

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