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Aloe Juice and fish oil

I was wondering if anyone here has tried fish oil or aloe juice? A woman on another forum was telling me that she has UC and she tried it and it has started working for her. If anyone here has tried it did it work and when do you take it each day? I am desperate for something to help me right now. I have had frequent bouts of diarhea that just crop up out of nowhere and it is driving me nuts! Not to mention the gas pain and cramping. i don't get my colonoscopy til Dec 26th and it seems like forever. So any help you can give me I would really appreciate it. Thanks, christina
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Jeff D.
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I have used fish oil before and it helped a bit. Never tried aloe juice though. Try it out and tell us how it worked out. I have found that with this disease you have to keep a really opened mind and try whatever you hear for at least a few months before you say something does not work. I would say just try it and for the first week you may feel worse because of the sudden change but keep persisting through.

Good luck
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I do have some aloe juice sitting at home in a corner that I always say I will try if things get really bad... but the aloe is supposed to be very good for your inner linings and its an immune system support. I was told by my herbalist that you have to be careful with it though because it can cause more D if you take too much. There are also two kinds, one with pulp and one without, so youd have to test them out. I'm supposed to be taking 1/4 a cup a day, but like I said, I haven't yet.
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Thanks guys. I believe I will try it. It can't hurt to try, especially if it will help in the long run. I will let you know if it helps.
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Yess i have some sitting in my fridge right now.. just mix a little with juice or something.. seems to calm it down a lil bit.. mint tea helps w/ nausea as well as ginger cookies.. good luck..
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GNC Crohn's Man
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Aloe juice tastes nastey... I take the aloe vera softgels and they seem to help some...
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Have you tried probiotics, according to Prevention magazine probiotics have been proven to reduce gas and bloating by more than 20%..not a hugh amount but at any amount I'm greatfull. Wow, colonoscopy right after Christmas...eeeegads
Best of luck!
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Yes, I am going to try probiotics too. I definitley want to find something to help. I hate feeling miserable. My father-in-law takes probiotics and it is helping him some so I am going to try it when I have the extra money.
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Cara Fusinato
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Tried the fish oil -- ended up adding some not so pleasant activity AND it made me break out like crazy. Stopped, those side effects stopped too.
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Try the enteric coated fish oil. It seems easier to digest and doesn't cause abdominal discomfort. I've been using it for almost a year and I'm feeling much better. Don't know if it's the fish oil or if it's the remission (you never know with Crohn's), but it should be good for the body anyway, as Omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory.

Also you can try Flax seed oil. I add it to my yoghurt in the morning.

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