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Too Tired

I don't know what else I can do! I'm tired all the time, if I layed down now I'd fall asleep, I'm sure my employer wouldn't appreciate it tho. heehee
Yesterday, I laid down mid afternoon - fell asleep for an hour.
During the night I wake up every 2 hours, don't know why, I haven't been having the big D, the Remicade is working.

I take a Centrum multi - vit daily
1500 mg of calcium (doc. wants it that high)
B-12 injections monthly (been doing these myself for about 3 years)
Remicade every 8 weeks (just over 1 year now)
Azathioprin 50mg daily (been on this for about 4 years)

I don't drink soda, I can drink coffee but it makes no difference.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to boost my energy level.
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If I were you I'd take advantage of the opportunity to have afternoon naps, they're good for you, although I can understand you wanting to feel a bit perkier. Wish I had some ideas to help make you feel better but I'm afraid I don't. One thing though could it be a side effect of the meds thats keeping you awake or is something other than your sleeping patterns worrying you?

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You may be anemic (like I was and many people who suffer from IBD are). This can usually be best dealt with by increasing your iron intake. It is best to do so in food form, but you can also take a supplement.

Speak with your doctor about this, as a simple blood test will show whether this is true or not. It would probably not hurt to increase your iron intake now anyways.

Anemia can occur from blood loss, which may be due to inflammed (and bleeding) intestines or blood loss in stool (among other ways). If your intestines are inflammed they may not be absorbing as well as they can or should be, which may be causing the problem.
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I'm in agreement with Mike. I also get the monthly B-12 injections. My dr told me the usual dose is 1cc per month but I get 2cc's...maybe ur not getting enough. I agree with Mike though, bloodwork's the best way to find out what's up. Make sure ur getting enough rest when u can too. Hope u feel better.
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Hi, Kix

Of course, get your blood check for low nutrients, like the others said.

One other question/suggestion: do you exercise? I'm newly diagnosed with Crohn's and one of the reasons I was seeking diagnosis was the fatigue all the time. What I do know, all through these months of wondering what it is, any days that I didn't do some exercise, I was even more tired. I haven't been doing a lot: a 2.5k walk to work, yoga in the morning, light weights one or two times a week. Sometimes on the weekend I miss the walking or yoga and feel sluggish.

A brisk walk each day is a great way to increase your energy level.

Be well,
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IRON IRON IRON... check your iron levels...
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im tired a lot too. sort of mellow even though i dont really want to be. my doc gave me an Iron pill however... and i had the worst experience in the bathroom of my life.. and it made me feel worse which doesnt make sense! what else could it be?
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the immunosuppressants you are taking can also cause fatigue... Try taking them before going to bed
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Sorry to hear this Kix, hopefully things will improve for you again before too long. I will pray for you to become better and full of energy eventhough I dont really pray but I make exceptions occasionally.

Take Care
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Take a good timed released B-Complex and get a multi-vitiamen that is timed released and will actual dissolve in your body... That and take a good look at your diet and see if you are mainly eating junk or real food...
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I feel ya about being tired. I know that having Crohn's can make you anemic and maybe you should have the dr. check that. I will be doing that after I have my colonoscopy. It seems lately that I will have all the energy in the world then all of a sudden it will all drain out of me and I will be so tired. And of course I can't get any sleep during the day having a six-month old around. I really hope you find what is causing your fatigue. It sucks being tired all the time.
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I would try the B-complex also, this is a good way to get energy, beings that b-12 is the main one giving you this energy, but I believe there are also b6 and such that aids in it. I would imagine a good vitamin C and maybe even D wouldnt be bad.

Personally I dont like mutli-vitamins, you dont really know if its truely 100 percent of yoru daily value. You dont know how much you absorb and how much of which ones, You might not be absorbing ANY of one vitamin in it, and when it releases, how long it stays in your body. how much you urinate out...all this contributes, I believe its almost ALWAYS better to take individual vitamins then a mutli-vitamin, I dont see anything wrong with a b-complex though, if you dont absorb one you might not absorb the others either so you would know.

Do you have terminal illieum involvement? This is where b-12 and b6 are absorbed, not to mention A, D, E, and K. This being disease, or having inflammation involvement can seriously neglect your body of the needed absorbing abilities for these vitamins.

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