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colonoscopy and biopsies

Hi dont know if anyone has been the same situation :

I had my colonoscopy on 6th Aug this year, between then and now I was told I will be informed of my results by letter, and also have received an appointment to see my consultant next Weds. I rang my surgery to find out the results and they said the colonoscopy is fine but are still awaiting the biopsy results and also saying I had a fair few taken, just thought after 5 wks they would have had them by now and should be clear if the colonoscopy was clear.

I have been diagnosed with Crohns/Colitis, and possible Diverticular disease that was 5 yrs ago, but had a bad turn back in June and was in hospital for 9 days, hence the colonoscpy etc.

All I keep saying if anything was wrong I would have been seen by now,

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Biopsy results can take a long time as they have to be prepared, looked at, looked at again by someone else, and reviewed, and then put on the computer, and then looked at by your consultant, and then you might finally get a letter after it's sat in someone's inbox for a while.

Don't worry your consultant will have the results when you see him/her.

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