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Prednisone Burst

I just started my 1st script of prednisone prescribed for a flare. Not sure if that is bad or good, but am definately hoping for relief. I know it is supposed to help with the D, but does anyone know if it will help with the joint pain too?
Joni O
Joni O
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Hi Joni: I saw relief in joint pain shortly after starting Prednisone -- can't promise that it's due to the Pred (could be coincidence), but it might be. Hope you see relief soon!
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Hi Joni,

Prednisone always helps with my joint pain and it should get your D under control. Try and be informed as you can and learn as much as you can about prednisone. It's a necessary evil for most of us so since it's your fiirst time educate yourself.

I hope relief comes quickly for you.

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Hi Joni
When I started pred my symptoms just about completely went away after 3 days. I was amazed and so relieved! I was getting horrid lower backache when I sat for a while in the car or cinema but this also stopped when I started the pred. I hope you get similar results
I'm loving your photo btw
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Hi Joni

I was on Pred for 5 months earlier this year and it was a miracle drug for me, and the effect was immediate, but unfortunately I suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms such as joint pains when I stopped them, they were worse than before! But a 2 month round of Entocort kicked that into touch, and I have no joint pain now, but having said that, I'm on another round of Pred for a bit!
Just wanted to make you aware of this possibility, hopefully it wont happen to you!


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Thanks all for the speedy answers. I got home from the Dr late last night...and have to work this morning. The Dr is hoping I can be off the prednisone in 7-10 days so I am hoping that withdrawl won't be an issue. I was on it in the spring of this year for 6 weeks, and did not have withdrawls. I did some research on the pred when I took it then...but I explore asthmatic bronchitis symptoms, and not Chrohns...so I was unsure about what it helps for Crohns symptoms and did not have enought time to do much research other than reading what if given with the script.
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prednisone is great for a short period of time. i am now just getting off of it after month and a half and i feel bad withdrawal symptoms. i am down to one tablet per day and i feel very uncomfortable. muscle and joint pain, lower back pain, feeling hyper like i had 5 cups of coffee and sweating also.
i will be completely done in 4 days and i hope all these symptoms will go away.
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Well...I am already off the prednisone and onto Flagyl so I guess I don't have to worry about withdrawls.
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