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Mouth ulcers


Mouth ulcers are small sores found in the soft tissue inside the lips and cheeks. They usually appear white and raised. They can be extremely painful.


With Crohn's disease mouth ulcers can appear spontaneously, especially in a flare up. They can also be caused by injury (e.g. biting the lip) or as a reaction to foods or toothpaste.


You can buy gels over the counter to apply to the ulcer. Home remedies include rinsing the mouth with saltwater or dabbing vinegar or lemon juice on the ulcer (though this method is painful!).
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patrick street
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i get sores but at corners of mouth are they the same? they come and go about 1 week to heal.. let me know. thanks
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Sores at the corners of your mouth are unlikely to be mouth ulcers, since mouth ulcers form on the soft, moist tissue inside your mouth (inside of lips, cheeks, tongue etc). If the sores are where your lips meet they could be from your lips being dry and cracking (in which case applying lip balm and making sure you stay hydrated could help), or if they are on the skin around your mouth they could be cold sores (in which case you can buy creams over the counter).
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I use to get mouth ulcers before I had surgery. I didn't know that it could or was part of my crohn's. Good thing to know! Thanks for the info!
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Entocort, sulfasalazine (made me have weird side affects),Remicade (Horriable reaction after 3rd dose)
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If by mouth ulcers we are talking canker sores, I used to get them really bad and my doctor told me that it was just part of the disease. I tried those gels that are available, they numbed it and covered it, which was a nice relief, but after a few hours, when the gel eventually came off, I think it took whatever healing had started, with it. So they wouldn't really heal unless I left the gel off.

One little home remedy I heard about and actually worked really well for me, was to swish your mouth with a solution of half hydrogen peroxide and half water. (eventually I was just swishing the peroxide hoping for a stronger result ) It tastes a little gross and makes your mouth all foamy and you want to spit for a while, but I used to do it a bunch of times through out the day and again before bed and it seemed to help the little bugger heal up a lot quicker.
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I get sores in the corners of my mouth. My tongue gets sore,too. I told the GI and he said it was from being low on B 12 vitamins. Apparently the prednisone takes all your vitamins out of your system.

I get Nature's Bounty Sublingual Liquid B Complex with B 12. I take it twice a day-really helps plus gives you alot of energy.

I've had the nasty Crohn's-canker-sore-from-hell, too-only the heavy drugs control it for me.

Hope this helps!


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