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Hello all, just wondering if you guys know any good places online or wherever to buy probiotics at a reasonable price. I've been going through a local health food store and its starting to add up, thanks.
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You dont' say on your avatar info what country you are in? I am assuming US? There are many, but I use a very expensive one and it helps me but it is costly. Health food stores are expensive, but in my opinion the ones the are refridgerated or Activia yogurt has the best survival than the shelf ones.

Hopefully someone from the US will come here and mention some brands or online stuff. Good luck
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I'm in US and use Align (about $30 for 28 pills and recommended by my doc) when I can and use Philips Colon Health (about $13) when short on cash. I can get both at local Walmart, Target or order from Both seem to work for me. I know some use the refrigerated ones, but I can tell a difference with these.


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Sorry I'm from the U.S. and have Crohn's Disease
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My GI said to only Align. SCD really really helps me. Really. Big time. But I'm undiagnosed. Might call me GI and let the $$$ start flying out of my butt to get diagnosed. LOL!!!!
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I buy the chewable acidophilus wafers (1 billion organisms) by American Health. Its $10 for 100 wafers. Well, I don't really know if it works :P Can't tell right now but I eat one every other day.


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