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Famous people and crohns

I read this on a site and thought it was interesting,thought you all might too.
link to a list of famouse people who have crohn’s or colitis

A couple of selections from the list:
John F Kennedy - He was diagnosed with colitis in 1934.
Shannen Doherty - Actress and TV Host, currently host TV's Fear Factor. Also starred in Charmed. While working on Charmed she admitted to having crohns disease.
Dwight D. Eisenhower - He served two terms as president of America in the fifties. He underwent surgery in 1956 the same year he was elected to his second term in office.
Mike McCready. - Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready announced today that he is suffering from Crohn's disease. He admitted he's suffered from the debilitating stomach ailment for the past 15 years, and decided to do so after witnessing the strength of a young teenager who'd suffered through 6 surgeries and still had a long way to go.
Anastacia - The pop singer. Yes the scar on her stomach is actually from an earlier Crohns surgery. She has suffered with Crohns from her teen years. She has gone on to become a global star.
Marvin Bush - Mrs. Bush's youngest son and the President's brother, Marvin, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1985, and underwent surgery to remove his colon the following year.
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Sorry.I guess the links not working.
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Oh yeah, I'ver read this before too! I didn't have to look at the link but I remember reading about them! I had never even heard of crohns before I was diagnosed which seems to be the case for alot of people who have this.
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I should look for the thread we had started before, I'm pretty sure we've talked in depth about this, sorry you must've missed it, I'll try and look!

I just hit 500 posts! lol
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All the people I know who have Crohn's should be honored and called famous. Not just the glitzy, rich people of the world.

We all know what we go through every day and should be proud of ourselves for handling a most miserable and sometimes embarrassing disease.

Now every one - take a bow. [I'm not being sarcastic here]
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How is it possible that Bush's brother has UC and he is proposing cuts in funds for IBD research?!?!
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he's proberly an idiot like his brother
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Here is a previous thread on Famous People with Crohn's Disease.
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Sorry,I didnt realize there was already a post on this.
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kieran said:
he's proberly an idiot like his brother
True that.
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thank you mike, I was looking for that!

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