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Crohns and reative arthritis

:grumpy: I have been battling crohns for almost 20 yrs and reactive arthritis for 18. When I was first diagnosed they put me on all kinds of meds including prednisone. I took them for almost a year with a few changes and nothing really seemed to help. My mother had polymyositis and macartles for many years and had been on prednisone for over 15 yrs when she died at 59 yrs old. I decided then that I would stop taking the meds since I could not see any improvement wise choice or not it was the one I made. I have at least one flare a month which triggers the reactive arthritis and it usually lasts a few days and I am better. I am really sick right now and it has been going on for 2 weeks this time. I am having pains in my upper stomache almost like having a baby under my rib cage I know this is one spot where the crohns is and the pain is almost unbearable. I feel like if I could vommitt I would feel better and the diareaha comes and goes throught the day. The reactive arthritis is flaring at the same time in my neck, left shoulder, left knee and ankle. I have no insurance because my husband lost his job back in January and I know a trip to the er will result in a few meds that probably will not work and being told to see a specialist and of course no money and no insurance means no specialist. I am at my wits end and at a point that I wish it would end.
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Hi Cindy, welcome to the forum. I am sorry you are flaring, and I do feel sorry for you Americans that dont get help unless you have insurance or money. Prednisone is a good short term drug but long term, you know the drill. You could be narrowing and vomiting and constipation and D can making it worse. Your body is attacking itself in the worst way right now. However you can't let pain get too bad or you could be in big trouble.

Being on a liquid diet or ensure to rest the bowel helps. Sorry I cant help you more. You need hug for sure, hope you get relief soon. Take care and rest.
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I can't believe people live in s developed, prosperous country and don't have easy access to health care. It's shocks me completely. I'm really feeling for you Cindy and I hope you start feeling better soon. Like Pen said, try a liquid or low reside diet, hopefully it will give your digestive system a rest for long enough to give you some relief. I'm really hoping for some relief for you soon (:
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Hi Cindy and

I'm so sorry to read of your pain and suffering. Are there no alternatives for you when you don't have insurance??

Oh I just remembered........GutlessWonder86 has excellent advice regarding those of you in the US without insurance (thanks GW ). Please go the the end of this thread -

I hope more than anything you can find a way around your situation and you get treatment and relief soon. Please browse through the forums and see if there is anything there that may be of assistance to you and any questions you may have just ask. Welcome aboard!

Take care,
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I broke last night and went to the ER. I just could no longer handle the pain. I expected to be pushed through and given prednisone, a pain pill and told to follow up. I have had a couple of experiences but this was a different hospital and a great Dr. She ordered all kinds of tests gave me anti inflamarory shot did more xrays than I have ever had done. Most of all she took time to sit down with me and tell me she understood. She gave me perscriptions she said would help get rid of the inflamation. If there were just more people like her here in the US but if there are I have been unable to find them until now. And it was not just the Dr. but everyone treated me like I had a million dollars. The pain is not completely gone but it is to a point where I can function. Thank you for taking the time to listen.
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Hi Cindy
and welcome

glad you got to see someone and that you're getting some relief. hope they can sort you out long term now, not fair to be in this much pain just cos you've got no insurance, thank god for our NHS!!
glad you found us, lots of friends here for you
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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sorry to hear you've had such a rough time of it. I heard that there was a link between crohns and reactive arthritis.......didnt realize you could get both of them. I have crohns and my younger brother has reactive arthritis so its interesting to read your story.

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sorry to hear you've had such a rough time of it. I heard that there was a link between crohns and reactive arthritis.......didnt realize you could get both of them. I have crohns and my younger brother has reactive arthritis so its interesting to read your story.

having them both is very difficult because when the crohns flares you know that the reactive arthritis will follow within a few days. This is the first time I had them both flare at the same time. Sometimes I get lucky and it is just the RA, if you can call that lucky. Most times it is in my knees, ankles and hips this time it was in my shoulder and neck with occasional pain in ankles. I have a high tolerance for pain and have learned to live with the desease but the last several days have been very hard. I finally told my mother in law come on and climb into this body and experience the pain I feel almost daily and see if you don't get a little grumpy on occasion. I hope you and your brother keep only one and never have to deal with both.

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I am glad you are getting some help. It is a position that is easy to find yourself in, and I worry every day that my husband will lose his job and our insurance. I need to find a job with god insurance, too.

There are lots of places tha will help with the cost of medicines. You can research them on the net. For insance, the Humira people will help with your copays, and can even help you cover the cost of your medicine when you can't. There are several organizations that help wth reduced costs also. Some doctor offices get lots of samples they will share, too. Where there is a will there is a way. Just gotta start asking. It is hard, I know, but lots of others need help too.
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