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Why call it Crohn's?

I propose that from now on we call it Margaritaville disease instead of Crohn's disease. I think people would pay more attention to what we are going through. There would be more money for research. All of the major networks would cover it and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be our spokespersons. They would probably even make a miniseries on one of the major networks about it. If someone were to ask you "What is Margaritaville disease?" you would say "Basically, on some days I have so much abdominal pain that I want to take a trip to Key West, find the nearest hammock on the beach and have someone give me an IV of margaritas for a week!" and they would totally understand what you are going through. When you say I have "Crohn's disease" most people think "I've heard of it but since I don't have it I don't want anything to do with it."They would give a roll of generic toilet paper and say "Have a nice day."

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ROFLMAO! I'll vote for that!
Sometimes life is just too full of crap.

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Margaritaville Disease is better now Parrot-Head-itis. Symtoms are listening to Jimmy Buffett and a primal urge to be a pirate. I myself have suffered from this AWESOME diease for over a decade.
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LOL!!! Yanno!
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My GI has actually told me why they chose to call it this, named after the person instead of other illnesses that get different names, meanings, BUT I wasnt really paying attention, dont know why, one of the few times.
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In 1932 Dr. Burrill B. Crohn and a couple other doctors first documented a disease I believe they called Regional Ileitis. While this disease was documented in more primitive measures for what is thought to be hundreds of years before this date, this was the first scientific material written on the disease which was later named after the doctor himself.

I do not know about you but I think I would rather not have a disease named after me!

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