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mouth ulcers

hi all, this may be a daft question but which ibd can cause lip and mouth ulcers? my son started with them when he became poorly. many thanks!
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My understanding is that any form of IBD can cause such ulcers. IBD can affect the entire digestive tract (from your mouth all the way to the anus). I am sorry to hear your son is having such a symptom. Unfortunately, it is known to be somewhat common for IBD sufferers.
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Hi there,

UC in its varying forms is limited to the colon, whereas crohns tends to occur anywhere from mouth to anus. I sometimes get mouth ulcers but have UC so its maybe not so straight forward, but the association should be more towards crohns i would think.


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thank you both, both conditions are very similar i was hoping that the ulcers were related to one particular condition, oh well back to the drawing board!
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I,ve had mouth ulcers with crohns Use paradyl not spelled correctly but it does help ita a prescription
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You may be interested in these two threads:



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I get mouth ulcers a lot, it was one of my first symptoms that hinted at Crohn's, even before a lot of my other symptoms started rearing their heads.
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One of the threads Dusty has suggested was mine. EJ was having little, infected bumps on his tongue(still not sure if they were ulcers), but anyway we started him on an extra B-complex vitamin and having him take care to rinse with mouthwash that contains Hydrogen peroxide. That started in early August and he has only had one since then and it was short-lived. Hope this helps!!
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