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Concerned with meds

As I am reading posts after posts, trying to find more information, I see that some have their meds listed. I haven't seen anybody with Apriso listed as a maintenance med.

When my son was diagnosed "unofficially" on the same day as his upper and lower scopes, the dr kinda rushed us through the diagnosis and med treatment. She put him on Apriso and told us that we would consult again when his biopsy comes back. Needless to say I turned to the internet to get my answers.

I was very concerned with what I found on Apriso and kids. I did take my concerns to the doctor and she advised me that is the best medicine for him. The nurse told me that that is what the dr has been prescribing to the crohn's patients and she wouldn't prescribe something that she didn't feel safe. So is she pushing this med for a kick back or something along those lines? Apriso states it is for UC on their website.

So I guess through all of my rambling, I am trying to ask if anybody has dealt with this med for their child.

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I would ask your doctor straight out why Apriso has been recommended, rather than other preparations of mesalasine (e.g. Pentasa). The doctor may have a genuine reason, but if not, I would definately ask if it can be changed.
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Mesalamine (aka, Pentasa,Asacol, and Apriso, Salofalk) works mainly in the Ileum and considered very mild to moderate stage of Crohn's. Depending on his dosage , it is very mild. Most doctors start out with milder drugs because there is no cure and control is needed to keep it under control. I have been Pentasa, greyish pill the size of tums. Salofalk I couldnt tolerate well, but they don't always work. I know you are frustrated, but pretty much a safer drugs for young ones. Is his pain controlled?
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He is taking 0.375gm capsulesx4 every morning. This is the same dose that adults take. His pain is a better than it had been prior to meds. Although he does have some pain and the other day was very bad. He is off prednisone but they are wanting him to start entocort once his respiratory virus has cleared. He also has joint pain. I will definetly be talking to his GI dr again about it. Thanks!

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Hey Jessica,

I too would question the GI. I don't know about Apriso but when you are the advocate for your child, or a patient yourself, you have a right to know what you are taking, why and what the expected outcome is. Be sure and mention the symptoms that are still present. Good luck!

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From what I've read it sounds like its medication to control inflammation in and near the colon and I don't see why that wouldn't work for Crohns as UC and CD are very similar. Crohn's can affect people from the mouth to the anus so if his Crohns is affecting his colon or near the colon (ileum) then I don't see the problem other than perhaps your concern that he's taking and "adult" dose but it really all depends on how bad his condition is. Back when I was a kid I was taking high doses of Prednisone much higher than many of the adults here have mentioned taking. But as has been said, it all depends on how bad his condition is, that's what determines the dose. I agree with seeking clarification from your doctor on what the drug is for along with going over the results of your child's condition so you understand where the inflammation is and how bad his condition is. Also go over the side effects again so you know what questions to ask your child in relation to anything being out of the ordinary because not every child says what's wrong with them right out (I know I didn't) this way you can handle any adverse reaction issues early.
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