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Treatment at the Dr.s office

We have been fighting with Mikes private disability company for nearly 3 years now. They are always looking for a reason to deny. That is why it is very important that he sees Dr.'s who are willing to comply with the easiest of tasks. For instance hiring staff for the records department who can actually get the records out.
Last Month Mike went to see his GI. At that point he was bleeding heavy and going about 12 times a day. His GI was in the middle of leaving his current practice to start his own.
As far as an answer to Mikes bleeding, he wanted to put him back on prednisone, which was not going to happen because Mike is allergic. Mike has been riding out the flare.
Now for the wonderful phone call today about his medical records for last months visit. (Mind, his follow up is on Mon.)
Me, "I would like to have my husbands records for his last appt. mailed to us."
Her, "Have you signed a release."
Me, "yes"
Her, "Well our system is down."
(I think in my head, why did you ask me if I signed the release if you cannot help with my request.)
Me, "We are fighting disability these records are time sensitive, when do you expect the system up."
Her, "They say by tomorrow."
Me, "Can you have them ready for him for his Monday appt."
Her, "I dont know."
Me, "Mike was original at the Dr.'s other office, have all of the records been transfered."
Her, "NO"
Me, "Why would a Dr. not take his patients records with him?"
Her, "I do not know, call 000-000-0000, ask them, the Dr. is a GI. Did you know that?"

At that point my stomach was in knots. Stressful trying to keep up with all of this book keeping to make sure the Disability Company does not screw us yet again. Royal pain in the butt dealing with idiots at the Dr.'s office. I try to be a fair person, but sometimes I want to scream.

Maybe I should clarify why I put this in the Treatment Category. Part of treatment should be follow up, not just the meds. I think sometimes when a patient leaves the office, the patient is on his/her own. We have had a lot of struggle with office staff not following up correctly. We even had a nurse decide that Mikes struggle with breathing after his Tysabri treatments was not important enough to relay to his GI.

So, in my opinion treatment is also the emotional part of dealing with the Dr.s.

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