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Switching TNF Meds....

My doc has had me on Humira for the past year. Was taking the injection once every two weeks and recently moved it up to once a week. I still have problems from time to time and my doc said that was unacceptable. So, next week I have my first Remicade infusion, along with Imuran taken daily. Anyone else every switch from Humira to Remicade? I thought it was supposed to work the other way around. I guess I could have started with Remicade first but, my doc gave me the choice. I just thought it would be so much easier to give myself the injection at home vs going in for the infusion...
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From what My Doc told me when we discussed going from Remi to Hum, Remi can be a better choice as it allows for a varying dose based on weight and severity of symptoms and allows the doctor to tailor the medication to your specific needs (the reason I stayed on Remi). To me it makes sense that you go from Hum to Remi since the Hum is a one size fits all, so that when/if it does not work you can move to Remi and get a better/higher dose based on your specifcs. Good luck on your infusion - at least you won't have to stick yourself anymore!
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I took Humira, and it worked VERY well, but only for 4 1/2 months, and then it quit working. My insurance company wouldn't approve a double dose, so I started Remicade with Imuran in November 2008. I quit imuran about a year (maybe less?) into it, and I am still on Remi. I am enjoying a WONDERFUL remission right now, and I hope it lasts for many more years.

It does stink that you have to take time off of work, but it only ends up being 6 times a year, and if you can use 1/2 days that's not bad. I schedule my infusion at 1 pm, and work until lunch. I remember that KatieSue scheduled hers on Saturdays and didn't have to miss work at all at that time.

Check out the "Remicade Club" thread to read about everyone's experiences.

I hope you have good luck with it!
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I just switched from Remicade to Humira. Humira MAY be working after a few weeks (knock on wood). My stools are a little better, albeit they are still loose. I am also tapering off the Pred, currently at 15 mg.

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