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Possible Chrons Treatment

This option may sound absurd but bear with me.

I recall one evening watching an episode of the UK medical program, 'Embarrassing Bodies'. The episode featured a young girl who was suffering from a fungal type infection on her foot. They tried various methods such as medications, and salt water based baths of the foot, however they did not cure the disease. The doctor eventually said that because it was an auto-immune disease/condtion, that if they were to have a bone-marrow transplant it would cure it.

Now how does this relate to Chrons?

Well I believe (not entirely sure) Chrons is an auto immune condition, so does that mean with a bone marrow transplant, it would rid of the disease?

I'm guessing not, as if it did, surely doctors would have realized by now. Also, I'm assuming donors are a rarity and therefore waiting lists would be extremely high.

Regardless, you're thoughts? I attend to discuss this with my doctor in my next appointment.
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Crohn's is an auto-immune condition and doing a bone marrow transplant possibly might cure it but that's an incredibly dangerous and complicated procedure and doing it is really overkill, especially when therapies exist that induce remission and are much much safer. Consider looking into helminthic therapy, it's much safer and induces remission in over 90% of people who try it. I am in remission now because of it - I highly recommend it.

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