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... prune juice..?

So my home health care nurse came in a few days ago. And yesterday I spoke to her about my heart rate being around 150 to 170 (i dont have a bpm machiene. i just am able to accurately guess-tah-mate what my bpm is due to it being that fast in the past, and I studied the second ticker on a clock during that time. And throughout my life I know by the beats over a second (the second hand on a clock tick).
Anyways and I told he my tummy was bigger.. and all. and yes i've been drinking ton and tons of water, and g2 (due to sugar being a 'runny' issue in the bathroom- the doc suggested g2 instead of poweraid or regular gateroiad).
My fever was a constant 99.2 (which is high for me, because i run 96.9-97.7 normally) . plus we keep it super cool in the house so thats a factor in low body temps too.

then she states for me to eat cooked spinage, and i was like "um... i was told to stay away from that... *so thankful i had a vaild excuse*" Then she said i needed to warm up some prune juice in the microwave and drink 12 oz of it and i was like "erm i dont know.. i'm sorta new to this whole weird diet thing i'm on ... but something tells me i'm not suposed to drink that either.."
sooo... my question is...
Is it okay to drink prune juice for when you aren't pooping? and when you aren't in remission?
I posted this under treaments instead of food, because she's saying i should do it as a remedy.. and i need to drink it so i'll poop. she's even threating on bringing someone in to tube it down me.. I'm not sure what I can do about this. I'm my own guardian tho.. so.. I guess they would have to get my consent and it might just be them bluffing in hopes that the threat will make me do it.
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Prune juice is my salvation from constipation. 12 oz of prune juice is a 2 hour super sized watery poop! be careful with prune juice!
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I think I'm going to pick up a bottle of prune juice when I make it to the grocery store. I'll prolly start out with only a few sips and see how my 'progress report' turns out.

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