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So many people complain about Prednisone, so i have some question :)

After taking budesonide for 3 months with no improvement to my crohn's , im beginning to take prednisone, 40 mg per day + imuran.
After reading some topics about prednisone on the internet i got really scared about the side affects.
Gaining some weight would be good due to my underweight of 15 kg!
I am scared of the "moon face" and of mood swings.

My questions are:
If all my life i was very skinny, always close to underweight (fast metabolism or whatever) am i in a risk of getting fat and having a "moon face" ? in other words does it make any difference?

How will prednisone affect me while having a bipolar disorder? (im being treated with Valproic Acid)

Thank you very much!

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Everyone is different with prednisone. I have always been very skinny and close to underweight as well. All three times I have been on prednisone, I have gained anywhere from 10-15 pounds and had a moon face. However, one I've been off the weight and moon face have gone away. In fact I would like to be able to keep some of the weight I gain on prednisone, but haven't been able to.

I am not sure about the bipolar disorder affects. You may want to check with your doctor.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum!!! As Kelly says we are all different. Not everyone gets the same side effects and quick taper/shorter term is best to get it under control until the imuran kicks in. I am assuming you are have regular blood work? Prednisone does help you feel better and the moon face does happen but as soon as you go off it , everything goes back to normal. Long term Prednisone is best to be avoided. Just watch what you eat and stay calm. I was told 20 years ago that Crohns patients should always carry 10-15lbs more weight on them because unpredictable as it is Crohns people flare and dont eat. Losing alot of weight poses health risks too. If you can exercise, that helps. . Glad you found us. What country are you from?
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Thanks, im glad i found this place too, wasnt too hard tho, i just googled "Crohns Disease forum"

Im new to crohns, only 3 months ago it was discovered in me,
have alot to learn.
This far many stories on the net about Imuran giving people skin cancer and infections,
or prednisone driving people into a crazy mania or getting a severe acne creep me out.

Hope things go good for me :|
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Everyone reacts differently to different meds when it comes to Crohn's. That's why we are so hard to treat sometimes.
I looooove when I am on prednisone! It gives me energy to do things that I normally put off doing, and I am in a great mood. It doesn't keep me up at night like it does for some others.
It does increase my appetite, but I am usually trying to put on weight when I need pred.
I never got the moon face and only a little bit of acne.

I hope you have good luck with it.
Welcome to the forum!
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Hi Blood
and welcome

Yes everyone reacts differently with all the meds, I was allergic to Imuran.
But I have a love/hate relationship with Pred! I love the energy, the speedy wizzy feelings, the ability to eat, and the euphoria. Pred has never given me acne, mood swings and I only gained a bit of weight which soon fell off. I had a bit of moon face but it was much needed, I was looking gaunt!
I hate the insomnia tho, I love my sleep!
Pred saved my life and healed me quickly.
40mg isn't too high, and once you start tapering things will get better, just enjoy the ride! Use the energy to your advantage, don't fight it, go with it, or you'll make yourself anxious.
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Prednisone effect lasts for up to few weeks after the treatment. The moon face will be gone. But other side effects can have longer effect like osteoporosis. Also, make sure to tell your doctor that your are taking valproic acid before he starts you on prednisone.
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Also, make sure to tell your doctor that your are taking valproic acid before he starts you on prednisone.
I was told that the only problem about taking them together is that both might cause osteoporosis.
Again, i hope that ill stay safe from that
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I guess if you are bipolar you might be one of the few that get mania or severe depression on Pred. I would let your family and friends know what is happening, they will probably be able to spot any changes in your mood quicker than you. Also take lots of calcium and vit D to ward off osteoporosis.
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This far it made me more energized and my appetite is crazy!
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I remember getting the munchies, and the moon was on a rotating shift at work for 8 years, so my sleep schedule was already messed up.....

I don't remember any mood swings, etc...nothing 'bad'.....and, my latest dexa scan was fine.....and I've been on pred multiple times at doses up to 80mg/day to start!.....

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I'm sure i share the same love/hate relationship with pred as most of the people on this forum. It has pulled me out of bad flares before but the side effects are ridiculous. I feel bad for my girlfriend sometimes because I can be more emotional than a pregnant woman!

Insomnia is another bad one for me.
As far as how it will interact with your bipolar disorder, I'm not too sure. If you do notice a drastic change in mood, do what I do and try to isolate yourself for a few minutes to cool off.
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I have also always been small but on Prednisone i lost over 7kg so no moon face i looked like a skeleton instead, but i works in different way for everyone. I am off it now and still doing great still small so all good. Hope everything goes well for you to.
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I was about 50 lbs underweight when I started on prednisone and gained it all back in about 2 months. I've had to go back on it twice since and while I've noticed some weight gain, it's only been a few pounds. But I do try to catch myself from eating an extra meal because of the added hunger.

I haven't had any unusual swelling or moon face.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience with pred. just wanted to say hello and glad your here. Hope the meds help. Check with your doc about mixing the meds.
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Hey Blood,

I think you missed Pen's question, which country are you from?

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