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GI appt today

I went to my GI today. I think he's really a vampire...he only wants my blood, lol. He's sending me for a small bowel follow through. I guess the colonsoscopy in Oct. just wasn't enough to satisfy him. Since I had a resection, he said the colonoscopy scope can only go so far and he wants to make sure the rest looks good. He wants to do this instead of the capsule scope because obstructions and capsules don't make a good pair and I'd hate to have to go for emergency surgery for something like that. But anyways, just wanted to update all you fine people And OH! This really gets me....I go to the GI and I ask about acidophilus and fish oil (just for an opinion from a GI) and he says "Yea, they're both great to take." Why do I come to a crohn's forum and the people here tell me about these things, and my GI NEVER mentions it...but when I mention it to him they're just awesome to take? Isn't his job to give me the best advice and treat me the best he can? If so, then why is it that doctors never just tell you these things and make life easier? (cough $$$ cough) It's like, well, let me go find things out for myself and then tell you what I am taking and you get paid to tell me "Yea, that's good to take." UGH!!
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there are definetely better docs out there. my doctor made me sit down and he gave me like 5 pages of stuff that is good and not good for me to eat/ take
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All doctors are different. I have ones that tell me that some of these things show no scientific evidence of helping and others say it may help or may not, but it won't hurt so do what you want.

I think you have to realize that your disease treatment is in your control, so you are responsible for doing research and making decisions. This is not easy to learn (especially after being reliant on doctors for all your life) but it will make you take the initiative to control your health.

Personally I think the small bowel follow through is better than colonoscopy, but anyways hopefully the results from that (after it is taken of course ) will be positive.
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good luck with the test Tonya!
and I agree, some DRs are just better about that sort of thing than others, Im on IBD dr #5 now, and they have all been sooo different. some have really been into getting me to try all sorts of things and they were really involved with on-going studies and trying new things, others just want you in and out like your trying on shoes or something. my new dr is very nice, but could have talked to me a bit more about my crohns last time instead of just asking me Qs about my moving to ireland, and then leaving the room abruptly to see his next patient lol
oh well, like Mike says, I think its up to us to take control, and the dr is just there to guide us through it a bit (or so we hope) I just wish they could let us know thats the case when they give us our diagnosis
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I think its a question of ethics where docs are concerened, they're expected to have great faith in medicine not herbal remedies, even though they know more about what would work for us than anyone. Would be nice for them to share their knowledge a little more often.


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