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Before my diagnosis my GI doc prescribed Bentyl as a pain reliever for the abdominal cramping. Anyone been on this? It does absolutely nothing for me! I'm wondering if anyone else on Crohn's sees relief or has even heard of this drug.
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hi shannon - I used bentyl (Dicyclomine) throughout my bout with crohn's. its not a pain med but it relieves gastrointestinalmuscle spasms that are common with crohn's. you wont feel nothing but if you have spasms, it will calm it down. I used to get spasms when I had D, and even after going and nothing came out, I would get spasms.
I hope that you feel better soon!
-Best wishes - Dan

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Hi, Just started this med today. I haven't noticed any pain relief yet, but I haven't noticed any spasm's either (So I'm figuring it's taking care of the spasm's so in a way it's stopping any more unneeded discomfort/pain)

Hope You'll feel better soon, and find a med that works for what you need it to work for also
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