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Hello All,

I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday and I have been experiencing a little discomfort and pain in the lower to mid right quadrant area. This discomfort/pain is very similar to what I experienced the night I went to the ER for my appendectomy. Is it possible they could have irritated something or I am feeling this due to the biopsies that were taken? Has anyone else experienced this? The colonoscopy went quite well. There were a few small places of erosion and a few tiny ulcers. He took several random biopsies. There was also abnormal mucosa in the terminal ileum. Does anyone know what this might be?

Also, out of curiosity since Crohn's can affect both intestines as well... what procedures are used to look at the small and large intestines?
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I had a lot of pain the day after my colonoscopy. When I called my GI to ask about it, he said that if pain is one of my usual symptoms, then having extra pain after a procedure like that would not be unusual (especially since they took so many biopsies from me). He said I should go to the ER immediately if I experienced any new symptoms, like the pain getting worse or a fever or anything like that. The pain slowly went away over a period of a few days, and I didn't get any new symptoms so I didn't go to the ER, and after about a week I was back down to my normal level of pain. So for whatever that's worth, I wouldn't worry too much unless it gets worse or you get new symptoms.
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I found that the prep gave me a similar pain to when I went to ER. Like Cat says, I think the scope and prep can cause your symptoms to flare up, but if you get anythimg different you should contact the doctor (did you get a helpline number after the scope?). As for abnormal mucosa, I think that is the body's reactions to inflammation or irritation of some sort. Mucos is snot like stuff, you have it there anyway but you don't really notice it. But if something's wrong you get more and its thicker. As for looking at the small intestine, they must have got a peek at it as the terminal ileum is the very last part of it. If they need to, they can use an ultrasound, CT scan or small bowel follow through to image the bowel from the outside, or a pillcam to have a look inside. Have a look at www.crohnsforum/wiki/tests if you want to know more.
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Yeah, I had a lot of pain after because of biopsies and extra blood loss when I went to the bathroom.. so I wouldn't worry too much. But yeah, my doctor said the same, she told me there'd be extra pain but if it gets worse call her.
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Thanks so much for everyone's replies!

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