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Feeling disrespected and very confused.

So I had my end of year evaluation at work today with my boss. Spent the better part of a hour detailing my performance from the past year. Everything was going well until he informed me that he had already reviewed my performance with our department directors and that he got into a major disagreement with our directors when he lobbied on my behalf. He was told that my performance had noticeably declined this year and that I was performing below my past standards. No kidding......I've had a hell of a year battling my Crohn's. I have been working through flares throughout the year to make sure my work was getting done. All the while I have been given assurances of support from my management who are well aware of my struggles. I've tried so hard to stay focused through my flares and have missed very little time due to this illness. And what do I get in return for my unsatisfactory review. To make matters worse, my boss had been suggesting that I go on short term disability to try to get my Crohn's under control. I felt disloyal to my company for even considering a leave of absence. I should have listened to him. How stupid do I feel now that they are putting the screws to me. Our HR's position is that year end evaluations must be based on performance alone without consideration for health issues. And this from a major Biotech company that sells Crohn's and Colitis biologicals. What a joke. If I would have gone on disability I would have likely protected my year end rating. As it stands now, my bonus and salary for next year will take a major hit because of the unfair rating I just received. What a slap in the face...........I feel so disrespected.
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Oh no, that just sucks.

I'm assuming they didn't say anything to you about this before your review?? Can they bring this sort of stuff up at a performance review? Most places I have worked state you aren't allowed to raise an issue at a performance review unless it has already been discussed previously. You can't tell someone at the end of the year that you're not happy with them without having given them the opportunity to improve or make changes.

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That's just wrong. I'm sorry that happend to you. If you had another type disease one that's more well known would they do this? I hope things improve for you. Hang in there.
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Wow that really sucks for you. I know that it must be tough on you. I did have to go on STD for a while when my CD got really bad earlier this year. I too felt very disloyal but more to the guys on my team than the company. Well as it turns out I was out of work too long and ran out of FMLA time. It really does feel like you have been punched in the stomach when you get blind sided. I hope they dont hit you too hard. Good luck
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Oh God the irony! And they sell Crohns stuff?

But I have to agree with Dusty here about end of year appraisals, they have to raise under performance earlier and address it then not during appraisal time, bit like shutting the stable door when the horse has bolted?
hang on in there! You're doing the best you can under the circumstances!


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F it. Take the leave of abscence. You are clearly more loyal to them than they are to you. Take care of you first, or you will be no good at all to the company.

Sorry this happened but it sounds like your supervisor is on your side and fighting for you.

Good luck - I hope it all turns out okay - Amy
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Gosh I'm so sorry!! That sucks so freaking bad. It's not fair that you got assurances that everything was okay and then BAM. Seriously? You have very right to feel disrespected, I think its ridiculous.

And I agree, at this point, WTF ever. I would take the leave of absence and get yourself situated and try to enjoy some off time. You deserve it!

Big hugs!
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