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Im devistated

So Ive been recently diagnosed with crohns disease after 15 years of suffering....Ive been really sick most of this year. Things are under control now, but Im not on any treatment. Earlier this year my 3 year old son started complainin of tummy pain associated with diahrea. Diahrea has presisted and blood became present! I started restricting things, thinking hes allergic to something in his diet, and yet nothing worked, things only got worse. So GI scheduled him for colonoscopy and today I got terrible news. Theres a 90% chance its IBD, probably early stages of CD. He goes in next week for allergy testing to rule out allergies. GI doc said that his assending colon is damaged, with lots of nodules and poor vascularity. Im DEVISTATED!! Only three years old and IBD already?? Im in tears, and feel hopeless. The years Ive spent suffering with this crap and now my child possibly has it....what can one do?? He doesnt want to eat, hes always tired, and I see him loosing weight....Im so worried, for sure Im going to flare~ Please, anything helps....Im so devistated~
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Oh Bev, this is so sad to hear. You need to cry about this Bev and then after a while take a deep breath and another one and another one and then sit and think about how you are going fight this with your baby. There's nothing you can do about the why's but you can take control of where he goes from here. I see a positive in this Bev and that is you are in a better position than most parents because you can understand what your son is going through. He will always have the advantage of your knowledge and experience and that will make you one hell of an advocate for him. Remember the doc said if it is Crohns it's early stages and that has to be a positive.

I know nothing I have said changes the fact that your little boy may have Crohns but just know we are here with you every step of the way, walking beside you and carrying you when the times are too difficult to bear. My thoughts and prayers are with you Bev and your little boy.....................

Thinking about you,
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When is the scope Bev? I know this is going to be doubly tough on you as well!! Like Dusty says, you will have a better grasp of his situation than many would, certainly better than we had!! Let us know what you find out!!
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Bev I am so sorry... the incidence of having a child with IBD is very low unless it runs in your husbands family too even if only one has it. I can't imagine what you are going through, and I hope that they are wrong with the diagnosis but best they catch it now to be able to help him. I didnt get dx's til after my daughter and decided since it was so bad in our family I didnt want any more children. I was so sick and couldnt imagine looking after a young one whilst having it myself. You are in that position and my heart goes out to you and your son. Please keep us updated. Big hugs for both of you!m (((hugs)))
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Thanks friends. Ethan already had his scope, they found many nodules in his assending colon and lack of vascularity. The look of the tissue was poor, and biopsies did confirm a form of IBD, either CD or UC. We go for allergy testing next week to see if he is consuming something that is making things worse. He ate better today, and hopefully better tomorrow. He still has D which is hard. He doesnt want to go far from home as hes is afraid of a potty accident. I keep a spare change of clothes and just encourgage him to be a kid and have fun. I will keep everyone updated as I learn more. Thanks for your kind words
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Bev did they rx anything? I know it's going to be tough but take care of yourself too! I have a friend who was dxed with UC at 4. She had forgotten about it until about three years ago when it flared. I think she was 28 then.
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Bev, so sorry you're going thro this worrying time
big hug your way


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