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What does CD look like in kids??

So my three year old is looking like he ha crohns disease. Can anybody tell me what their childrens intestines look like or what biopsies came back as? Im confussed and really just wanting to know other peoples stories. Thanks
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I'm sorry I can't help with this one Bev. Roo was diagnosed on the operating and I can only say her terminal ileum was a mess when they resected it.

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Bev, do you have tests scheduled? That's so young!! I'm sorry!
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HI Bev,
I'm new and my daughter was just dx'd. But here are her symtpoms. She started to have loose BMs like 5 times a day and was really gassy. She always had tummy aches, random fevers and last year had blood in her stool. She also wasn't gaining weight and was getting quite bony. The scope pix that showed us her intestines: you could see little spots all over her intestines, which the GI said were ulcers. Also, there were all these clumps of white stuff, which GI said are white blood cells coming together to fight the ulcers underneath them. Lots of red blotches too that just look like irritation. Biopsy: never saw it, Dr just said that the biopsy confirmed Crohns. Hope this helps and sorry its happening to such a young little one.
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My son had stomach aches and lost weight very quickly. When we finally noticed the weight loss he had blood and mucous in the stool. Blood work showed his body was fighting inflammation. First biopsy showed symptoms of crohn's and ulcers but no granulomas. Treated and got the stomach pain under control - blood work still not acceptable. He was steroid dependent to keep flare under control. Could never really end flare.

Did second biopsy more pockets of inflammation throughout colon and granulomas present. Changed medicine and seems to be symptom free

Good luck to you
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Hello My daughter was diagnosed at age 11. The final test was a colonoscopy. I did not see any pics then but was told her rectum was full of puss. She had weight loss and could not have a bowel movement with out crying and shaking. She was put on pentasa 2000 mg and prednisone. Went good for about 1 1/2 years and now she has been in a flare for about 3 months. Bloody stool pain weight loss. They have added a med called anzathriopene and prednisone. She takes a prenatal vitamin and still on the pentasa. Not going too good. Is quite normal for her to be in the bathroom for up to 2 hours reading and sitting. She just turned 14 and i have so many questions but the gastro dr cant quite pin point the answers. It is a complex disease with everyone different. Good luck to you all

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