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Ovarian cysts and crohn's......anyone?

Hi everyone.

This has been a rough few weeks- wound up back in the ER today. Woke up in terrible pain, vomiting, and had a fever. I called my GI who had me go straight to the ER. After a Cat Scan, blood work, and WAY TOO much poking and prodding- they discovered fluid in my abdomen and a ruptured ovarian cyst (all visible on Cat Scan). I think I am over these intestines and ovaries at the moment .

My question, obviously for the ladies , has anyone else had this occur? I am wondering if maybe we are more apt to have this happen given the inflammation already found in our tummies from the Crohn's. The GYN doc in the ER didn't know if there was any correlation.

Thanks is advance for any responses and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
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these "DRs" never seem to want to answer when we ask if things are at all connected/related. I think they just dont know enough about it, or other areas of medicine enough to give an answer. (just my opinion of DRs at the mo )

I have lady problems as well. Ive got PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I havent had the guts to really look it up to see what its all about, but I think it means I dont ovulate properly, and my eggs turn into cysts and just linger around causing all sorts of hormone imbalances... could be really off about that though
Ive heard I should eat a lot less carbs and gluten because this has an effect on the disease, sounds similar to some theories about eating for crohns/colitis as well, but not sure if they are related at all.

I hope you get some relief, and arent in too much pain with yours.
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I have had my share of OVARIAN CYSTS and they can be very painful but I am sure that you will find that if you find the right OB - GYN they can help you out !! So, good luck & I will be keeping you in prayer that you get feeling better really soon !!
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I have one -- got diagnosed with it when they did the CT scan for the Crohn's. It's pretty small and no one told me about it or even recommended I see the gyno for it. I only know about it because I got a copy of the report from the hospital and read it for myself.

Your story, overall, sounds a whole lot like mine, except I got diagnosed real fast and now have had things in control since before summer.
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If you want to know about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)....

I only did a brief read through on it but it seems the main thing they recommend is a birth control pill that is high in progestrones... That should help to "regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent endometrial problems. "

Remember if you just ignore a problem it won't magically go away or get better... The only way to treat a problem is to learn about it and take steps to help yourself...
Be advised that I am not an expert or a Doctor so legally you shouldn't listen to anything I have to say.
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: Obstet Gynecol. 1995 Nov;86(5):843-7.

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, USA.

OBJECTIVE: To describe the gynecologic history of women with inflammatory bowel disease. METHODS: Questionnaires were sent to the 1000 women age 20-60 who had been hospitalized for inflammatory bowel disease at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation during 1989-1993. There were 692 responses, and those from 662 women who had undergone surgery for inflammatory bowel disease were analyzed. Of the 117 women who had undergone hysterectomy, 85 responded to follow-up questionnaires. RESULTS: Three hundred sixty women had Crohn disease, 251 had ulcerative colitis, and 51 had inflammatory bowel disease of indeterminate or unknown type. Menstrual abnormalities were reported by 58%. Symptomatic vaginal discharge, reported by 40%, was more likely to occur in those with Crohn disease than with ulcerative colitis (odds ratio [OR] 2.09, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.47-2.99; P < .001). Infertility was reported by 25% of the women in this series. Abdominal pain with sexual intercourse (50% overall) was more common in women with Crohn disease than in those who had ulcerative colitis (OR 1.64, 95% CI 1.13-2.40; P = .01), but pain with penetration (55% overall) did not differ statistically by type of inflammatory bowel disease. Half of the women reported the loss of pleasure or desire for sex. Ovarian cysts had been diagnosed in 39% of women and resulted in surgical treatment in 57% of these. One hundred seventeen women (18%) had undergone hysterectomy, 52 (44% of total) at age 35 or younger. CONCLUSION: Gynecologic conditions are common in women with inflammatory bowel disease, including menstrual abnormalities, vaginal discharge, infertility, and gynecologic surgery. All physicians providing care for women with inflammatory bowel disease should be familiar with the frequency and nature of concurrent gynecologic conditions.

PMID: 7566861 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

So basicly your chances of having female problems are greatly increased if you have IBD... So go see a good GI doc and also see a good OBGYN and make sure they stay in contact with each other and keep each other informed of your current health and any tests either of them do... Remember Doctors don't stay magically informed of everything that goes on as far as tests goes unless you tell them to talk to each other...
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Well dagnabit that stinks! Two at a time. Well, I think that I may have mentioned on this site before that I had a Bartholin's cyst a few years ago which was no fun at all! Didn't realize that these types of problems could correspond with our old buddy Crohns....
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Thanks everyone for your responses and sharing your personal stories!!! It really helps to have the support and understanding from you ladies that have gone through this as well. I just found it strange that noone (at the hospital) knew if there was any correlation- then again, perhaps they don't know enough about this DD to say or maybe they didn't want to- not knowing if they are correct. Then again, Doctors NEVER jump the gun or say things that could be deemed a bit fuzzy (DRIPPING SARCASM) All I know is when it rains it pours!

GNC: I want to add a couple things. I know its hard to express things so that they are perceived by a reader as the author intended since typing is all black and white. I want to clarify a couple things. You stated at the end of your first posting to this thread "Remember if you just ignore a problem it won't magically go away or get better... The only way to treat a problem is to learn about it and take steps to help yourself...". Believe me, there is no way that I can ignore the Crohn's at the moment- given I am running to and from the bathroom 15-20 times a day nor would I ever want to as I watched my grandfather suffer for 10 years before finally going for the colostomy bag. As for the cyst- I never knew I had them. And there was NO ignoring the pain that I woke up to yesterday morning. I very well understand that, as with any chronic illness, I (and fellow Chronies) have no choice BUT to stay on top of our health and be proactive. I'll stop now before the vicodin makes me start typing other things.
Also, thanks for the article you found- VERY interesting and helpful. I printed it out and will take it to my next GYN appt. You mentioned birth control being used to control the cysts. I have been on a high progesterone/low estrogen pill for 3 years (due to estrogen fed migraines, I have to limit the amount of estrogen put in my body.)

Hope everyone has a great and safe Friday night!!!

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My girlfriend who is suspected of crohns, has had many ovarian cysts, I've read in a few medically acceptable places that its more common in crohns patient...the cysts that is.
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Hi everyone. I wanted to post an update here on the ovarian cysts. Ever since the episode described in my posting above, my abdomen has not felt 'quite right.' I had been having discomfort ....but not really pain. I followed up with the Gyno who didn't seem too concerned. He pretty much wanted me to wait and watch. Most people diagnosed with these cysts are put on birth control to help- however, since I am already on it, it did not apply to me.

So, Early morning on the 27th of Dec, I awoke to the horrible pain again! It made appendicitis (had appendectomy in may) seem like a mino toothache. After 6 hours of this pain and vomiting 5 times an HOUR, I gave up and called the Gyno who worked me in. Of course, my doc was out due to the holidays, so I saw one of his associates. She immediately sent me for ultrasounds (pelvic and trans abdominal) and found more 'free fluid/blood' in my abdomen. The ultrasound was inconclusive as to whether or not the ovary twisted on itself, so I was admitted to the hospital for pain management, fluids, and observation. This morning, I had another ultrasound which showed ovarian torsion. Basically, due to the cysts, my right ovary was twisted and the blood supply was greatly diminished. So, this morning, I had surgery and the ovary was removed. And let me tell you- I awoke from surgery feeling SO MUCH BETTER! The post op pain is a cakewalk compared to the pain it was causing me. I was discharged from the hospital 2 hours after surgery, and feel pretty good.

Anyways, I just wanted to update everyone that had been kind enough to reply to my origional posting. I believe it is now time for Tylox (for pain) and I to hit the bed with my us weekly while watching 'hogan knows best' LOL!
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not sure how or what relates to what--but i also have (had) ovarian cysts 9and fibroids) had to have myomectomy 6 years ago. i have endometriosis (mild)
and mild/moderate crohn's.
it is being debated (from what i can tell..i am not a dr!) -whether endometriosis 9which often causes trouble w ovarian cysts-causes them to grow-tho maybe it is not just endo. that "causes" this--but-i do notice that the endo and rohn's trigger each other.
esp during my period--my crohn's gets worse then.
and-other relations as well
perhaps since it is likely ai--that will ultimately and inevitably cause reactions between one and other "ills"
ie-joint pain/eye trouble/sores/etc etc...
anyway-good luck
sorry so sketchy and maybe some typos-
at through--but wanted to reply..
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That could very well be the case. I have the same problem. I myself had to go to the E.R last monday for severe abdominal pain, stomach swelling, flu like symptoms. Had a ultrasound and a ct scan, and on both they found an ovarian cyst about 3cm on my right ovary which is also the same side of the infected part of my small bowel which was making the pain worse. All of my doctors said the same thing because they all are in different fields so their are no exact answers. I do believe that people with crohns are more prone to things like this, giving it is responsible for so many other things in our bodies. my best advice is to ask your primary doctor and do reseach.

Hope that helps, and hope you feel better
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I was diagnosed in 2017 at the age of 57 with Crohn's. We are starting to suspect I've had a mild case since my teens.

I had dysmenorrhea, hemorraghing ovarian cysts and ovarian torsion (as well as IBS). I had three separate surgeries, two of them emergency, to remove my ovaries and then my uterus.

I also had very infected pilondal cyst that they now suspect may have been an abscess. Chronic SI pain has been the story of my adulthood.

In Sept. 2016 I had sinus surgery and developed a staph infection. After months of antibiotics I got c. Difficle. That may have the catalyst from mild to severe Crohn's.

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