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Med School teaching anatomy, biology and... Compassion?

New medical school students are learning more than just what all the different parts of the body do. They are now learning to focus on what is sometime refered to as "patient-centred care". Recognizing a disease based on a list of symptoms... easy. Consoling a young girl who just found out she has cancer... not so easy.

You can read more about it in this Toronto Star Article Medicine with a Heart
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Jeff D.
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That is cool. I wish that I had someone to comfort me when I was so freaked out that I bawled my eyes out when I found out I had Crohn's.
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Teaching compassion... I'm sorry but they either have it or they don't... It's not something you can teach... You can teach people to fake it yeah but true compassion no that can never be taught...
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When I was brought out of my coma and was finally aware enough to understand, a p.a. talked to me. He explained what had happened and what had been done to/for me. When he explained that I had died and been brought back I was at first relieved and grateful to be alive. After it sunk in & I realized they didn't know WHY any of this had happened, I got very panicky. I was still on a lot fo drugs, so I don't know how much of what I was feeling was genuine, but I was terrified.

A few hours later the same p.a. came back to check on me. I was still very upset and was fighting sleeping meds they'd given me. I told him I was afraid to go to sleep, afraid that I would die again. (Like dying when you're awake would be any better? ) Anyway, that wonderful p.a. said he would sit with me & hold my hand. That he would be right there to fix anything tha went wrong. He stayed the entire night. Somehow, I don't think he learned that in school. It's not a bad idea at all to teach it, but I think some folks have it and some never will.
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Here in the UK the government has finally recognised that many doctors have poor communication skills amongst other things. They have brought in this year that med students must learn how to communicate effectively. Also that there is a definate art to it and compassion is a much needed aspect along with empathy and understanding. Many of the medical profession as others do go into it because they care and want to make a difference to the lives of others. It doesnt mean however they have all the skills in all the areas needed. Like all things there is always the few that dont think they have a problem or dont see the need.

Nurses are more used to being advocates for their patients and are used to looking at things holistically whereas doctors have to learn this now and apply it in their practice along with the skill of reflection.

I think that if there is the need to improve this aspect which there is then half the battle is acknowledging there is a problem to begin with. It can only make for better professionals cant it?

The more senior medical staff will have a tougher time meeting the new government guidelines here because they have to change old practice whereas the current students learn it from the start. Its about recognising and refining what ever level of each skill is for the individual and that can be a difficult thing.

The hilarious thing about this is with my irish accent I am involved in teaching med students and doctors the above skills!! LOL Its an interesting sight believe me....


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I agree with GNC Crohns Man ONCE AGAIN!

But I believe this is going to be more along the lines of a psychology type class teaching how to interact and responses and such from other humans, not actual compassion.

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