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Jeff D.
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Gross experience

So I was at a soccer game tonight when the time came to empty my bag. Too bad the only toilets were porta-box-of-poop and I usually drop a piece or two of TP into the bowl of a usual toilet to stop splatter but I didn't think it would splash all the way up at this toilet so I didn't worry about it. I was so wrong! It splashed my butt and all I night I was so uncomfortable. It wasn't like I could go home either because I was with my parents two hours away from my house so it wasn't the best thing in the world. I'm alive still to tell the tale so that's good.

Just posting to let y'all know I'm still alive.

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It's good to know that poop on the butt won't kill you.

Having a permanent stoma, this should never happen to me again in my Although weirder things have happened....

Sorry this happened Jeff!! It's bad enough having to poop in a port-a-pottie....but spash-back...ewwww! Glad you're ok and not tooooo traumatized!

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Do you sit on the toilet when you empty your bag?

When I had a colostomy I would get on my knees and empty it that way. But then poop on the butt is better than poop on the face. =P
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haha i kneel when im at home too, much easier than sitting, but in most public bathrooms and DEFINITELY porta potty rather have butt/seat contact as opposed to knee/floor. i mean drunk people go in there and their aim is not so en pointe....
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Jeff D.
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You know I never would have thought to empty my bag on my knees. I've always done it sitting down. The biggest problem I had was that there were no lights in there and it was about 7pm so it was pretty much dark and then I forgot to put the TP on the front end of the toilet, BIG MISTAKE!!! So I learned a lesson tonight I guess.haha Always remember to put down some TP from hanging from the front of the toilet in these types of toilets so things can slowly fall down rather than splash along.
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Jer's Girl
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I always emptied my bag sitting down. Much easier in my opinion. I also had to use a "honey bucket" in the dark when I had my ostomy, but thankfully, no splash back!
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Hey Jeff - Its so great hearing that you are ok and splashing... lol
Having the ostomy liberated me of having to sit on toilets, especially the porta-box type.
So I do my best to never to have to sit. At home I kneel and outside I stand and use as much reasonable TP that will not clog.. lol
-Best wishes - Dan

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You sure are one tough cookie. That would have traumatized me for at least a week
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Sorry to hear about the splash, but glad you made it thru ok.
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