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Dreading Thanksgiving

We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Canada this Monday and I'm just dreading it! Friends and family are coming over for the traditional feast - Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veg and pumpin pie. Pumpkin Pie!!!!MMMMM!!!!
Problem is, lately, if I eat more than the equivilant of half a sandwich I'm in agony for hours.
I want to be able to load my plate up and eat until I'm stuffed, then sprawl out on the couch in a turkey stupor. Sigh! I guess I'll just taste a bite of everything (except the veg - ooo, ouch) and enjoy the company of good people.

Happy Thankgiving to all the Canadian Crohnies on the forum!
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Happy thanksgiving I hope every mini bite is wonderful! dread for any family gathering that has food with it...which is every one of that I am allergic to wheat...yeah big suck pumpkin pie...pecan rolls, no stuffing...but I can see how not being able to eat or eating just a bit and being in a lot of pain would be a big suck too! anyway...happy thanksgiving!
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I hope you don't mind but I'm curious, what are the origins of your thanksgiving?

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I hope you don't mind but I'm curious, what are the origins of your thanksgiving?

It started as a generic harvest festival. We have our in October as opposed to November like the US because we have a shorter growing season.
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I am realizing after all these years, that it isn't the food it is the company. Every Xmas and Thanksgiving I was ill because we had bacon and eggs (grease pit) then snacking all day (usually candy and chocolate) then a heavy meal that causes gas, indigestion to the best of people. So you can imagine our sensitive non digestive issues. My family knows now I am not making those types of foods any more. Turkey is never gonna happen, and my daughter is crazy of it and my husband is fine with it cause he usually does all the cooking. My mom has high today we are having ham, perogies and carrots, steamed or boiled. Was gonna make an apple crisp but my daughter loves the cake we have. This Christmas is only gonna be me and my mom, so we are having my famous Lasagna and pumpkin custard or graham cracker crust. We love all these meals and I wont suffer! It makes everyone else sad I was always sick.

If you must eat gravy, turkey or pies (lard is so hard on our stomachs) use digestive enzymes to help break it down, read the labels they are not all equal.

Hope this helps those, who do suffer and who wants to be sick on the holidays? Happy Thanksgiving all you Canadian Crohnies!!!

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Penny, I think that sounds like just the nicest meal around. My sister will be making a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings; she is vegetarian but loves making the same holiday meals that we had growing up (she just eats all the stuffing and sweet potatoes and fills up that way!). I'll be fine with the turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes x 2 (sweet and regular), but will need to pass on the cranberries, stuffing (contains nuts), and other vegetables. It will still be a lovely meal, and as you said, most important is that we are having a family meal together!
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