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Mouth inflammation

Hi everyone,

I started 6-MP last Tuesday to go along with my Himira. I am down to 25 mg. Of prednisone and have the d u deer control. Took my Humira shot today, that went fine.

Over the past few days the roof of my mouth feels like I drank something too hot. I looked at it this evening and it looks angry. Bright red. No bumps. Just redness and it's really sore. Anyone experience this with 6MP?

I can't seem to catch a break lately,

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Ann - I get inflammation like that every now and then.....gums/mouth swollen.....I am also prone to cold sores (oh joy)......I try not to eat anything abasive when I have swelling, as the skin tends to be much more sensitive.....

Hope yours heals up soon - mine is usually like that for a few days.....

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I get that burnt feeling in my mouth whilst on Pred, can't say the 6mp did it to me because I was only on it for a week. Most likely when you taper it should go away but as I always say we are all different!

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