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question about colonoscopy

I am such a wimp about getting my colonoscopy. I was wondering does it hurt? My GI doc said it feels uncomfortable but not painful. But uncomfortable usually turns out to be painful to me. I am really nervous to get this done. It will be on the 27th and I am so scared I am contemplating canceling it. The only thing stopping me is the constant stomach cramping and diarhea. I know it needs to be checked. So if anyone can ease my fears I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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Usually they put you on partial sedation for colonoscopy so you basically don't feel much pain. You just have a mild recollection of something happening...
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I would not say it is painful. Is a tickle painful? I would say it is uncomfortable. A colonoscopy is a bit different than a tickle, but it is something I think I would classify as uncomfortable. Of course you should realize that many people remain "out" during most if not all of the colonscopy, and remember absolutely nothing of it. People have taken them without any sedation, but you will most likely get some.

Do not worry about it and realize that it is really one of the best tools the doctors have at monitoring your disease. It can help a lot to determine what is going on in your intestines, and allow for appropriate medication to be administered.
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I've had 3 so far, I was knocked pain what so ever. The prep before the procedure is worse in my opinion. After the procedure you will feel bloated because they fill you with air to get the scope thru easier, let it out! don't make plans for the rest of that day cause you will need to take it easy.

Try not to cancel, it really is a necessary test...even tho it's not fun.
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Thanks everyone! I know I sound like a big wimp but I hate pain. I am glad to hear it won't be painful. I have had so may experiences where a dr. told me it wouldn't be painful and it turned out it was. I just have learned not to trust doctors and I know that is terrible because they are not all like that. Thanks again for your advice.
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Not painful. The prep. ahead of time is the only part that is less and enjoyable. However, the way they put you partially out, leaves you wondering if they ask you questions or family secrets (they don't, of course but it is kind of eerie). I remember watching the screen and the doctor telling me what was shown as he was doing it, but I don't remember what was said or really what I saw, but I know I saw it. Colonoscopies are really important and very much good. They removed a couple pollips which could have turned out badly if left unattended, and they really got to see what was going on. Don't fear it, it's really a useful tool. I, though, actually liked the barium test better because it showed more and was overall more interesting. I also sweet-talked the tech. out of the info. and didn't have to wait for it to be read. I didn't have any trouble with the barium, though many people do.
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I agree with everyone here ... they said that it does not HURT it's just the PREP that is the PITS ... my husband had one done last year & he hated having to get up & down all night to use that bathroom. So, I will be praying for you that all goes well & do keep us posted on how things come out for you !!
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Hi Kissycole,

I had a colonoscopy last tues. The sedation and pain relief kept me comfortable. When I was uncomfortable they gave me a little extra. I was worried about feeling the scope going in and I didnt. I was also concerned about pain the following day - after all the scope is going the opposite direction to the way things normally do there! I didnt have so much as a twinge the next day.

Yes I felt the discomfort as the scope went round each bend but there arent many and the feeling soon passes.

The staff work very hard to ensure you are comfortable and painfree. I feel so much better knowing the situation now and got my diagnosis of Crohns from that scope. So my mind is at ease in that I know what is wrong now and can do something to aid improvement in my current health.

Some friends who had also had colonoscopy before advised me to get moist toilet roll and also a soft toilet roll for when I took the prep as your poor wee bum may be on the sore side - especially the skin surface. I found the moist toilet roll cooled the area and made me more comfortable as long as I dabbed dry afterwards.

Sorry for being so descriptive!

Hope the thoughts help though. You will get there babe, just hang in there.

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When I had my colonoscopy in October; they gave me 60 oz. of Gatorade with everything mixed in. The worst part was spending most of the night in the bathroom. As far as the actual procedure; I never felt any pain and have no memory of it. You'll be fine. It's not as scary as it seems.
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Ah, you will be just fine!

Last one I had I felt like I had downed a bottle of wine LOL..I watched the entire procedure and asked question after question, until my GI asked me to please let him do his job and to stop talking. He said it in a joking way. Of course anything anybody said I thought was really funny at that point.

But it was verrrrry interesting.

The best part was afterwards when they gave me toast and tea before I went home.... It tasted SO good!

You'll do great and please come back in here after and let us know how it went.

Big encouraging hugs~Nancy
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Hey Kissycole... I've had 4 of these over the last 2 years... I ddin't experience any pain whatsoever during or after.. The prep is unpleasant.. but it is vital that you do whatever they say you need to do.. The more 'cleaned' out you are, the better the scope sees what needs to be seen.. It is very likely that you'll be anesthetized for this procedure, so you will need to be accompanied and picked up after it's all done. Usually they recommend you allow yourself 24 or more hours to recuperate after, so no driving, etc.. Usually your doctor or the hospital/clinic will advise you exactly what you can/can't do before, during and after a colonoscopy..
One thing that I've experienced after 3 out of 4 of my scopes (perhaps due to the cleanout) is a remission of my worst symptoms for days, sometimes almost a week. That's my case, and it didn't work that way once, so there's no guarrantee

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Thanks everyone for your reassurances. I feel better being able to talk to people who have been through it. Another sucky thing is my hubby is losing his job in a week and there will might not be any insurance. He works at a factory that makes auto parts and they are closing down. I don't have a job myself and am trying to get one but no luck yet. We don't know for sure if we will have insurance then. I am really praying we will because it will be expensive. I know it needs to be done though. thanks again, Christina
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Oh I could go and get five million colonoscopies and be fine with it... it definitely is the prep that sucks hardcore. I'd rather not eat for a week and clean myself out that way than drink a gallon of the sweaty lemon gloop. But I heard that there are alternatives out there such as a Gatorade way and then a pills way... why didn't they tell me this... I don't wanna "go-lytely"... I'll just swallow a pill thank you!
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I've had my share of scopes, and hate to say it but my last was semi painful. Not sure why because I was to drugged out to remember much but apparently complaining of pain. Like everyone has said scopes mainly painless and they can drug you up really well, and even if nervous they can give you something before they start to calm your nerves, so don't worry! besides it seems rather quick as well if they drug you good enough lol
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i had a colonscopy and endoscopy at the same time. all i could remember is counting backwards 10 9 and then just waking up haha
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Dekar said:
i had a colonscopy and endoscopy at the same time. all i could remember is counting backwards 10 9 and then just waking up haha
Now *that's* what I'm hoping for when I have those procedures in a few months!!

One of my co-workers was telling me yesterday the secret to the colonoscopy....she's had lots and said the best thing to do as they begin to insert it, is to bear down as if you're on the toilet....if I happen to be consious during mine, I'll try it. Just thought I'd share this!

Good luck!

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