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sick and tired!!!!

okay so i think its time for a good vent. i am SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS. i am seriously going to my wits end!! i have been in and out of the hospital and ER. my new GI took me off ALL medication.. which i think was a horrible idea and now i feel even worse. the d is back, i cant sleep, my legs hurt when i walk, my face is broken out, im chubby, and when i eat i just want to throw up!!! how can anyone expect someone to have a decent life with this crap? just listen to me already!! i feel like this GI is doing absolutely NOTHING. i actually was scheduled for a apt with him this friday and i cancelled. why waste my time and money when he is sitting there telling me he has no idea.. wow ok well thank you doc. my primary do found the crohns and seems to know a hell of a lot more then this guy who is suppose to specialize in this area!!! i dont want to work. i dont want to go to school. i am annoying my entire family im sure. i was "ok" for about 2 weeks, and now everything is back. my stomach still hurts but i wonder if its still as bad, or if im just used to the pain now because ive had to put up with it since may of this year. its getting really old. i feel like an eating disorder is coming along cause everytime i eat i poop or throw up.. im chubby from this stupid CRAP PREDNISONE that i will never take again. and i feel like everyone is judging me and all i ever hear is "wow to be so sick you look great... or your so sick but yet you still look good" NO I DONT. ive never looked like this in my life and they have no idea the pain im going through with the "stomach aches" UGH. ok. im done. thank you. i really needed that. I HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING MUCH BETTER THAN I
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I wish I could tell you it will get better, but I can't. Maybe it's time to ask you GP for a referral to a new GI? There has to be the right answers out there somewhere. I'm sorry you are having such a rough time. It does feel good to just let it out though, doesn't it. It doesn't really change things, but a good scream can do wonders for the stress level. Come often, vent all you want/need. Believe me, we all know how you feel. Day in and day out of CD can wear a person thin...or chubby if your on Pred.
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I agree find a new GI. If you have crohn's how can you be without some type of meds. I hope you start feeling better soon good luck
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Boy, I am right there with you right now honey!!!! Man the feeling of....., see, crap I can't even think of the word. Other than @#$% off and leave me alone for a while would you Crohn's. I hope thing settle down and you can dig yourself out of the pit it is trying to put you in.
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If it was time for you to have a good vent, then it's also time to send along a big hug:


Hang in there!
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Okay, I laughed when I read this post because it's exactly what runs through my head daily. This post can only be amusing to another crohnie because anyone who is healthy would be horrified. Me, I just say Amen, I am right there with you. I am so sick of my life revolving around my rectum. Sorry to be so crass but it's just fact.
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I laughed when I read this because I am feeling just that way right this moment! I know it is horrible, but it is so great to have someone else know exactly how I am feeling. I do feel for you. I took myself off all the meds (with docs okay) because they were doing nothing for me. I mean nothing. Hope you feel better soon. Please find a new doctor. I think even if this doc is a good doc, you may have a personality conflict. It has happend to me.
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I can relate! Prednisone sucks. Let's collect all our bottles and have a gigantic bonfire. I'm tapering down from pred right now. Things I will miss....night sweats, chub factor, mood swings...btw your doc is an ass. Time for a change! I hope you have a better day tomorrow

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