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IBD Kidney Stone Prevention

Some people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease suffer from Kidney Stones. I thought I would share this link with you about them:

The most important part of the article I think is:

A simple and most important lifestyle change to prevent stones is to drink more liquids—water is best. If you tend to form stones, you should try to drink enough liquids throughout the day to produce at least 2 quarts of urine in every 24-hour period.

People who form calcium stones used to be told to avoid dairy products and other foods with high calcium content. But recent studies have shown that foods high in calcium, including dairy products, may help prevent calcium stones. Taking calcium in pill form, however, may increase the risk of developing stones.
Also if you have had a kidney stone already you are more likely to develop another one (compared to someone who has never had one). So ensure you are drinking well, and talk to your doctor about this (especially regarding consumption of foods and their affect on the stones developing).
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Good lord, another reason to give up milk! I've had about 5 episodes of kidney stones in the past and have passed them all (good being female for that one!). The worst was once at work, I went into the and passed one right then. I walked back to my desk shaking my head that I so noticeably passed something. Haven't had one in a couple years, through. Nothing of note on the CT scan last spring, so I guess I am doing OK.

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