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Nursing and prednisone

This is just a general interest type question:

For both of my babies, I have nursed them while on prednisone. Both of them have gained weight very quickly, have been easy babies, and have slept well.

Sometimes I wonder if it's because of the prednisone. Has anyone noticed anything similar? Or is it just the way my children are? I'd like to assume the latter, but I'm interested in knowing other's experiences.

Also, any info on nursing while on Remicade would be appreciated.

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Hi, from what I have read online prednisone passes through the breast and into the baby. You should ask your doctor about this and let her/him know what you are doing.
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It does...but I haven't heard of any adverse affects. GI, OB, and ped all know that I'm doing it. I nursed my first for 7 months on different doses of pred and everything went well. I'm 3 months into nursing my 2nd on a dose of 17.5 mg/day. She's doing well and very healthy.
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I don't have IBD and breast fed both of my children. The first for 12 months and the second for two years. When they were babies (up until the time they started walking) they both looked liked little buddha's and were also easy babies and slept well. Maybe it isn't the Pred.

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Hi Donsmom,

I was on Remicade when I got pregnant was on it through my entire pregnancy and am still on it now. I am nursing and my daughter is 7 months old and have had no problems. I got the okay from both the OB and my GI to nurse while on it before I even gave birth. The pediatrician said it is okay too because it is a B class drug, I believe it does pass through the milk but the amounts are so small it doesn''t have any adverse effects on them. You can ask your GI or your Pediatrician, The only thing I was told was to be careful of giving your child live vaccines because the remi will lower your immune system and if they get any of it there is a chance it can lower their immune system. but I would talk to your doc to make you feel more comfortable.

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