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Small Bowel Series shows no Crohn's Disease

My GI Doctor after having a colonscopy thought I definitely had a mild case of Crohn's and she said it was her job to prove it to me.

After having my Small Bowel Series Test today, the radiologist said he saw no signs of Crohn's.

Anyways, I'm confused. Do I have Crohn's or not? Has anyone gone through a similar circumstance. I guess I just need to wait it out and take it one day at a time.

My appointment with my GI Doctor is next week.
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Was that a barium swallow? Perhaps you need a barium enema so they can see your large intestine along with where it connects to your small intestine. Since they did a colonoscopy and all, you think they'd want to be checking out the lower half of you. I'd also recommend and endoscopy.

A diagnosis for Crohn's can take a long time. Some of the people on here have been suffering for a year or more with no answer. It took about 3 months to diagnose me because the symptoms of Crohn's are so similar to the symptoms of other illnesses not to mention if you can't see sores, narrowing or inflammation, its not as obvious but biopsies can tell differently and so can blood work.

It may take some more time but good luck to you in your quest for proper care and answers.
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2 different tests for 2 different areas, small and large intestine.

It seems the colonoscope determined some areas of inflammation in your colon (large intestine) thereby indicating IBD, not sure if you had biopsies taken, but this i expect this would have been done so as to distinguish what exactly was causing it.

The small bowel test seems to have come back clear which is good, this test would have been done to see the extent of inflammation, its possible and often the case that the inflammation is limited to your colon. Crohns only in your colon is called "crohns colitis".

This is just a possible scenario of course, hopefully your GI will shed more light on your condition, appears that you've got a good GI there,

take care

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I had the same thing in the other order. I had the Small Bowel Series Test first but that only shows large amounts of inflammation. When that came back negative. I was then given a colonscopy which showed a mild case of crohns. Your GI should be able to explain it all when you see her.
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