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Mucosa appeared erosive, erthematous and friable

okay. so. i got an apt with a new GI in nov and had to pick up some papers and lab reports to bring with me. i got a copy of my colonoscopy and its interesting to me some of the things it says but then the old GI said it was nothing to do with crohns and im off all meds, but yet im still feeling crappy and having the same symptoms since MAY?! soo.. anyone can you help me out on what exactly this may mean?

it says:
findings: there was evidence of crohns colitis of the anus, the rectum, the sigmoid, the rectosigmoid region and the rectosigmoid junction. the mucosa appeared erosive, erthematous and friable. surveillance biopsies were obtained every 20 cm from the terminal ileum to the anus.

so is this implying i do have crohns colitis from proof of the colonscopy? or what the heck is going on?

then.. another report says..
comment: the biopsies of the colon do show scattered foci of mild/severe colitis with cryptitis. i do not see crypt abscesses. i also do not see criteria for the diagnosis of IBD.

so who the heck knows lol. i am lost at this point!
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Oh my gosh that's like a huge floppy medical rollercoaster... I seriously dont know what to make of it. Sorry!!

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I guess the only strange thing here is the last statement about not seeing criteria for diagnosis of IBD.

Your doc was saying that your rectum and colon near rectum is red and the lining would easily rub off when touched.

Then the biopsies show mild/severe colitis with cryptitis but then he says no that is strange. It will be interesting to see how your new GI interpretes this.
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There are very specific microscopic findings that the pathologist (the one looking at your biopsies under a microscope) needs to see in order to classify something as Crohn's disease. "Colitis" just means inflammation of the colon; "cryptitis" means inflammation in the folds ('crypts') of your colon. Many, many things can cause inflammation in the gut! In order for it to be categorized as Crohn's colitis/cryptitis, the inflammation must have a specific microscopic 'signature.' I'm guessing the pathologist could not find evidence of this signature in your biopsies, and therefore couldn't nail you with IBD specifically for that specific colonoscopy. The gastroenterologist describing the inflammation probably thought it looked like Crohn's disease during the scope and labeled it as such when he/she was looking at it with the naked eye.

This report doesn't necessarily mean you don't have Crohn's activity going on in the colon or that you don't have Crohn's disease in general, since the colon is a tricky region to classify with regards to inflammatory issues and things can change with time. For example, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between people with Crohn's in their colon versus those who have ulcerative colitis (which are two distinct disease processes) because the microscopic differences can be subtle.

Hope that helps!

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Dear Xoxava, I hope that you get some clarification and a better understanding soon of what's going on (and, more important, that you start feeling better soon!!!).

Cally, I learned a lot from your post!
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Cally, thanks for your information/explanation. Great post!
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All I can say is after my colonoscopy they said I didn't have Crohn's but after things got worse and in and out of the hospital a few times they gave me the DX.
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