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Next step to diagnosis...

So, I saw my GP this morning. Thank goodness I'd found this forum before getting my blood test results otherwise I'd have had no clue that blood tests don't often give any results... Since mine came back with no hints at anything!

In the meantime, I'd been up since 4am with horrendous pain, D and blood... So was feeling pretty rubbish. The GP had trouble getting his PC to work and I was almost in tears thinking I'd have to come back another day - silly, but true. Anyway, he got there in the end.

I'm being referred to a gastroenterologist with a recommendation for a colonoscopy - which is good. What was quite interesting was the GP asked me whether I thought it was IBS - he's very consultative like that and will listen to me and answer all the questions I throw at him - a rare breed in GPs I think! Of course, I said no, not IBS - which he agreed with too.

Fingers crossed that I can get some sleep this afternoon - I'm exhausted.

Thank you for reading - and for the forum - it is fantastic!
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Glad to hear you're going to get an appointment with a GI. Hope it comes through soon. Also great to hear that your GP is so understanding. You're very lucky!! Let us know how the appointment goes
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Its always reassuring to get a GP like that. I saw two GP's who didn't take me seriously at all, but luckily I tried another and we got somewhere, and he is without doubt the best doctor I have ever seen. He will take as long as you need with him, which with something like IBD that is very reassuring.

Hope things ease up this afternoon for you, and you get an appointment with the specialist ASAP.
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Hiya Rachel

so glad you have a referral and hopefully a scope, so good luck and try and rest this weekend


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That is so great that you have GP like that! I am always looking for someone like that and I am hoping the GP I see on Tuesday is like that too.

I just had blood tests done and mine came back normal too... disappointing, but I'm not giving up either.

I will be having a colonoscopy done soon too...lets hope they go smoothly!
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Hi Rachel: Great news re. your appt. with the GP, and getting a referral to a GI. I really hope you don't have IBD, but as soon as you know WHAT it is, the sooner you can start getting some relief from the pain. Hang in there.
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Glad to hear you have a GP who takes the time to listen to you, after all, who knows you better than you. Good luck with the GI and the colonoscopy. Hope you get some answers soon. Get some rest. Let us know how things are going.
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Yay! This is so good to hear Rachel. Nothing better than being listened to and validated. I hope you get in to see the GI soon, good luck and keep us posted!

Take care,
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Hey guys -

THANK YOU! Thank you for being so encouraging/supportive. I must admit to being really apprehensive about everything, to be honest, so having this support is really helpful. It's silly really - I've already been through the mill with another health issue (epilepsy) so I should be used to all this kind of stuff - but it seems I'm not.

I hope you all have a good day - be well x
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Glad to hear you got on well and are getting some help. Don't be surprised or dismayed if the GI mentions IBS. They all seem too until they know 100% it's IBD.

Even with a consistenly raised CRP over 4 years and inflammation found in my digestive area by a WBC scan didn't prevent my GI from mentioning it quite alot.

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Hey StarGirrrrl

The only reason he talked about IBS was because I had this diagnosis from a previous GP, when I used to live in a different city, several years ago. She didn't do any tests but just gave me a prescription - mind you the symptoms I had then were a lot less traumatic...

But thank you for that. I know that what I'm experiencing isn't right, whatever it is. Being scared to go to the toilet ain't natural! Being haunted by the next time I go through the excrutiating pain and knowing there's nothing I can do to stop it - that's not natural either!

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