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question abot enemas and chornes

Has anyone used enemas to help with chornes?
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Hello Tom,

I have used them in the past, but not on a regular basis. This was while the doctor still was not sure with what I had, but was trying to deal with my constipation problem. At first we started on lighter laxatives, but then we kept increasing what I was taking to stronger ones.

Anyways I would not recommend laxatives for common usage. They can affect the body's natural cycle and you may become dependant on them. Most packages even say do not use them for more than a week at a time. Anyways if you are desperate I think you can use them sparingly, but speak with you doctor to ensure that is ok.

You can also try more natural laxatives, like eating or drinking certain foods (like prunes... but make sure this is a safe food for you as it is not for some people). Also I was taking magnesium everyday (in powder form) and that was helping me go to the washroom more. Also try to drink a lot of water (2-3L of water a day min) and try to do some cardiovascular exercise (even if that means only walking).
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I have used enemas (cortenema) when having bleeding issues. They have worked great for me.
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Sorry, never used them.


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