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Not gaining weight.

I am 15 weeks along and still losing a little weight from being so sick. Has anyone not gained the normal 25-35lbs and still had a healthy baby?? I am hoping that eventually I will feel better and gain what I'm suppose to. It's just a concern of mine that the baby be okay. So far so good with him/her!
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I don't have IBD but with my first pregnancy I only gained about 15 pounds and that was mostly in the last trimester. I didn't get a bump that anyone could see until I was just over 20 weeks and even then I had to point it out! Roo was certainly born a healthy baby.

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I gained between 15 and 17 pounds with all 3 of my pregnancies, babies were all perfectly healthy and over 7.5 pounds.
The good news is when you don't gain much, you don't have much to lose after, just make every calorie count for the baby. (I don't have IBD either - my oldest son does).

Good luck with your pregnancy.
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Thanks for the replies! That definitely makes me feel better. It seems everyone keeps commenting on me losing weight and its making me feel even worse. It's good to know that even if I don't gain all the weight they say I should, I can have a healthy baby!
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In the beginning I lost 9 lbs. My total weight gain for the pregnancy was 19Lbs. I had a healthy 7 lb baby!

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With my 1st baby I gained 26lbs but with my 2nd I only gained 4lbs. I dont know why and how. I didnt have morning sickness or was I overweight ( I hear some overweight women lose instead of gain) I just kept loosing weight. It wasnt until the last 2 months I finally started gaining. Ended up with a total of 4 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. My daughter was a healthy 6lb9oz baby
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I would think it would be a good idea to share any concerns you have with your doctor/gastroenterologist. Any IBD specialist you see will likely have more experience with pregnant IBD sufferers and may have some tips that can make things easier for you. At they very least, they should be able to help control your fears as I am sure many people in a similar situation would have trouble puting on weight.

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