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Jesse Smith
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Is another colonoscopy needed, for Crohn's Disease?

My last doctor retired, and this new doctor isn't sure if I'm supposed to have another Colonoscopy and will check in to it and let me know at my next appointment, in six months!

I had surgery once, five years ago for Crohn's Disease, and since then I've had no problems with it. It's been as if I never had it!

Why have another colonoscopy when there's no problems? I'm 33/M/155 Ib .
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Hiya Jesse and welcome to the forum. My daughter has had surgery and we were told that colonoscopies would not be done unless she started having symptons. xxxxxxxxxx
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All I can suggest is they want to check what things are like down there because it has been a while since you've flared.

Sometimes you can have inflammation down there but not actually be showing any symptoms.
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Exactly. Even if you aren't experiencing symptoms there may be complications that you aren't aware of and its best to catch them early before it becomes a major problem. That's what preventative medicine is all about. Not to mention every time you get a new GI doctor, they want to have a look for themselves so you can be treated properly rather than blindly following a past doctor's word. Even if you aren't experiencing symptoms, its best to get a colonoscopy every 2-5 years (kind of like an annual check up just to see how things are doing cause you can't see what's happening on the inside if you don't take a look and blood tests only give so much information).
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Its always good for the new doc to have a starting benchmark too, so he knows what he's working with.
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Welcome Jesse,
On one hand, yes, good to evaluate your current state...
on the other, some folks find that a scope can irritate and stir up a flare.

Speaking only for myself...
I'd lean as you said,
"Why have another colonoscopy when there's no problems?"
There are other less-invasive tests which can indicate disease activity.

I'd say, ok doc, but before we violate my backdoor...
how about we draw blood to check my inflammation markers?
-specifically sed rate (esr) and C reactive protein (crp)

If all is quiet there (within reasonable range for a Crohnie, not a non-IBD'er)
then we put off the bumscope and play wait and see.

If you are good 5 years without any obvious disease activity nor maintenance meds,
(you did not mention but that's how it sounded),
why jeopardize antagonizing a sleeping bear?!?

Despite my current heavy drug load, I lean toward minimal drugs and minimal proceedures.
But that's just me. Not a doctor at all. (I'm cutting back as soon as I dare)
Just some guy weary of unpleasant prep, unfriendly tests and what I deem to be unnecessary risks.

Much can be learned of your condition without the scope.
We can always scope later, at the first sign of trouble.
Yes I am aware of our elevated colon cancer risk as Crohnies,
but I also know CD is known to be nasty at the resection seams.

Only you, with input from your medical team, can decide what is right for you.
If you've been doing well with the help of meds, please clarify.

Great to hear you enjoyed a healthy stretch after your surgery.
Plenty of bad news to be had...
glad to hear some good news.

You found a terrific forum, let us know how you make out.
be well,

ps my last scope was done on the fly, in a hurry, while seriously inflammed and without the mercy of any helper drugs at all.
Not a wimp, but that hurt, and I am a tad timid to take that tour again!
currently 'enjoying' Metho, Remi gave me Lupus, Humira pens now weekly - jury still out?
whew, just a little Prednisone?

I'm starting to think Crohn's isn't as much fun as they made it sound in the brochure?

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The fear of a repeat of very painful colonscopies I had in the past was my reason for not having them. I actually had been admitted on an unrelated condition, for dehydration. When my GI found out I was in the hospital he was like, "Since you're here...." I'd given him so much grief over the frequency he's wanted to do them, and had sucessfully avoided him up til then. So I agreed and lo and behold...

My doctor found an aggressive form of Stage 1 colon cancer...he found it in it's earliest growth stage. He saved my life, no doubt. He cut out the place and with a few aggressive rounds of chemo, it was eliminated entirely in three months.

You can bet I'm going for my routine colonoscopy this complaining this time lol!

PS. The doctor is putting me under general anethesia this time, so I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes!


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Jesse Smith
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Thanks. It's been like over three years since I've even seen a GI. Since then, I've only been to the family doctor, who is the one who retired, and the new one isn't sure yet if I should get a colonoscopy. From day one after surgery I've had no hint of inflammation. Pentasa is the drug I got, and the GI even approved crashing the dosage to 500 MG three times a day...then I eventually dropped it to once a day.

I did just have blood tests, but not for anything like 'sed rate (esr) and C reactive protein (crp)' but I'll print out info on that and take it with me in six months to the next appointment and suggest that first.

When I saw the pictures of my colon after my first and only colonoscopy so far, I was like WOW , I never dreamed it could be so beautiful up there and around the corner!!!
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My GI wants a colonoscopy yearly now. The first 5 years was every 2-3, but I have very active disease. As a crohnie you have an increased risk of colon cancer among other things. I strongly suggest you see a GI at least once a year so they can evaluate your condition even if you are not having symptoms.
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As much as I hate to say this (the day before a colonoscopy is not my favorite thing), get it done. Us Crohnies are more susceptible to colon cancer, and I have had dr's read the same test results - first said everything was fine, second said I had Crohn's and needed surgery. 2nd was right.
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Yep, already had colon cancer once, Stage 1; this colonoscopy found a benign polyp. I helped take care of my aunt when she was at home in hospice care for colon cancer, and when I think about not going for the test,I remind myself what she went through.
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My doctor told me when I was first diagnosed they will only do another colonoscopy if I start having new symptoms or if something in the blood work shows there is something wrong.
He also told me that they recommend that us Crohnies get a colonoscopy every 1-2 years, 10 years after your first symptoms appeared, he said this is because 10 years later is when your have to start worrying about colon cancer.
Not sure if it is 100 percent correct but I thought I would share, but I agree with DougUte, it is not pretty but for us it is better to just get it done.
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I think I have had 1 a year for the past 15 years. Some years more than 1. After tomorrow I will have had 4 in the last two years.
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My GI said I should get one once a year for the rest of my life. Sounds like there is no clear cut consensus among the GI's out there. Good luck!


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