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Hi all!

I'm just coming here to vent...but I don't think it should be too bad

Today I've been blessed to celebrate 3 years married to my best friend!! I have the greatest husband in the whole world...don't try to dispute it

Anywho...I'm pooped (no pun intended). I'm absolutely exhausted and hubby should be home in an hour. We're supposed to go out for dinner, but in that time I need to get my 2 sweethearts ready to drop off at Grandma's, clean up my disaster zone, finish getting ready, etc, etc...

I want to have an amazing evening with my DH (this is our first 'date' since our DD was born in July), but I"m just so tired...............................Can anyone send me some energy???? I'll give it back, I promise

Thanks for listening!!
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Sending tons of energy your way love!!!

Congratulations xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Have a great evening.
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OH sweetie! How I feel your pain! Sending what energy I have your way. But I think I got the best man on the planet!!

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Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great time!
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Hope you were able to pull it together and have a great night!

- Amy

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