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Food @ Holiday Parties

It is so hard to eat at the holidays. Today at work we had a catered luncheon, usually wonderful right...well the only things I was able to have that I knew wouldn't bother me the rest of the day was mashed potatoes, and mac n" cheese.....borring...oh and I brought a peanut butter sandwich from home just in case.

It just sucks when there is all this great food and I know I'll be sorry if I even sample it.

Feeling Sorry-for-myself-today-Kathy
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I have the same problem. Everyday the last two weeks someone has brought popcorn, cookies, peanuts...etc. to the office. It's getting out of control. Most of that stuff is bad for you anyway.
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im lucky since having mt stoma i can eat normal apart from the stoma blocker foods lol but that motto would be chew chew chew xx hope you find nice foods over xmas
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Nancy Lee
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I know what you mean.
I usually eat before I go to a party where food I can't handle will be served.
Then when I'm there..I kinda graze and pretend to eat
I hate drawing attention to the fact that there isn't much there I can eat.
Because if you say anything they all make a fuss and you don't need everyone knowing about your bowels.
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I am the same as Donna really, I can pretty much eat anything as long as it doesn't block my stoma, although that rule sometimes goes outta the window too. Might explain why I have had 2 blockages!!!!

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Cara Fusinato
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I am on the "I bet this all induces a flare-up" wavelength myself. Yesterday, a dear friend took me to Mexican food, today is the company luncheon, Friday the hubby wants to take me out, and of course the Christmas Eve and Christmas food fest too! Yikes! One day at a time, and wise choices, and of course, chew, chew chew. After the Mexican meal, I feel kinda fooded out, not even hungry for the rest (it was a FABULOUS meal in Los Angeles -- anyone from LA, PM me and I will tell you where it is -- Ventura).
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what restaurant? im in LA! ventura isnt far
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This evening we have the annual office end of the year party. every time I go there and see all the food, I eat things I shouldn't eat and suffer later. This time I'll try to eat before hand like Nancy Lee mentioned, and pretend to be eating in the party, so to look a little bit normal..... I don't know how I will resist the sweets and cake though ))
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Cara Fusinato
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Hey Dekar -- It's called Casa De Carlos. It's right near Fallbrook and right by the freeway entrance. Not so good on directions, but it's Ventura and called Casa De Carlos. GREAT food, fun atmosphere, good service. I had a tremendous chile rellano and chicken taco. My friend had carnitas. Chips and dip / salsa were great too! I would recommend it.

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