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Pill camera

Hey Guys,
Hope you are all o.k.
Has anybody had the pill camera (or camera endoscopy as it is officially called) before?
It does sound so much easier than the normal endoscopy or colonoscopy but I can't say I have ever heard of it before so just wondered if anybody has had it who can fill me in on what it's like.

Cheers x

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I had the patency capsule done last monday. (there is a thread on here from me).

You are given this to make sure that yo can swallow it and that it goes through you ok.

I go at the end of the month to have the live one done.

I would never ever go through another colonoscopy as i was in absolute agony so this for me seems brilliant.

Just hope it works?

I have an awful pain under my left rib area and when i took the practice pill 5 hrs later i had awful pain in that area so wondered if the pill was in that region?

You go back following day for an xray to see where in body it is if you havent already passed it naturally.

Mine was still inside me when i had xray but 10 mins after getting home out it popped lol (so happy). I phoned hosp to let them know it had arrived and they gave me green light to go ahead with real one.

Please ask me any questions you like.

Love Dawn xx
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Thanks for the reply Dawn.
Yeah I know what you mean about the colonoscopy business,it isn't pretty at all is it!! But this does sound like a dream compaired to that rigmarole.
I didnt realise you had to have a test capsule first but suppose it makes sense. Do you have to take laxatives before or do you just need to fast?
You will have to let me know how you get on with the live camera.

Nic x
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I had the pill twice, and both times it got stuck in my illeum!! Because it got stuck they were unable to conclude what my problems are. I did have surgery to clear where the pill was stuck, so maybe they will have me repeat the test. However, I had the agile capsule to make sure things were clear and that pill moved thru fine, so for 2 to get stuck is really baffling my doctors...then again, this disease really baffles me, my family, friends and my doctors. I wish you luck, its a great option if it works. Keep us posted on how it works for you~
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I had a Capsule Endoscopy almost two years ago this month. It was done at the Mayo Clinic in Florida. They had me do the same cleaning regime as a regular Colonoscopy. The idea is that this is a one shot deal, so first time has to be right. Some $5K and change later, I found out my BCBS policy did not cover it as they found it "experimental" to my diagnosis.

I didn't get a test run or any x-rays. They knew I was done because it stopped transmitting pictures, and it was before time for the battery to die.

I did ask to make sure they didn't want it back, being so expensive.
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No i didn't have to do any horrid prep work before just nothing to eat or drink 2 hrs before.

I know that on the live camera pill day it is the same but cannot eat or drink for 4 hrs after and no xray after.

You are wired up for 8 hrs but can go to work (as long as you not working at an airport etc) they put stickers on your tummy and you wear a walkman size box which is belted to your waist. (easy peezy lol).

I am abit concerned after reading BLM post about it getting stuck and they had the patency one done to make sure it would go throgh.

I will let you know how it goes after i have had it done xx

Love Dawn xx ( it is the Royal Free Hosp in London where i am having it done)
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Hey hey, I have had pill cam twice now in the Sheffield Hallamshire Hosp.... Both times it worked very well....

I have found it far better than the alternatives, less prep, (always a bonus), and I felt fine (if a little sleepy) afterwards. I had the patency capsule beforehand to see whether the cam might get stuck, and I had to have a CT scan as they had to check where it had got to, but luckily all was fine.

It was able to show problem areas that the colonoscopy was unable to do so, which unfortunately meant I had to have a double balloon endoscopy... (which was err well not fun). However as an investigative tool I love the pill cam, far better than any 'oscopy!

Good luck... and that first taste of food after 4 hours of swallowing the camera (and not eating the day before) is amazing.... :-D xxx
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I am having the pillcam done on Monday; and they haven't been able to figure out what is causing my pain. I hope this does! Has anyone had this done and it's found nothing?
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I was supposed to have a pill cam done as my gi thought nothing was going to show up on my ct scan. Luckily for me all the inflammation showed up so I was immediately started on pred.
My pain has returned since tapering from 40mg to 25mg (only dropping 5 mg per week) so I was actually thinking of asking my gi for the pill cam as I had the colonoscopy but it was agony they didn't get very far and I had 3 timesthe normal dose of sedatives lol.
I think the pill cam is a fantastic non invasive test if it works how nice to not have to have another scope!!!
Jen xx

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